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Response to Yesterday’s Freewrite

I might consider writing this up to make it more legible. Didn’t want to sit behind a screen at this hour so at least minimizing like this. Later!  Advertisements

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It’s really just about doing what you love. Try to find the win win situations. Win win, or no deal. I realized that I have that kind of relationship with music. I play music because I enjoy it. It isn’t … Continue reading

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Menno’s Last Days in Cabo

I was thinking of writing blogs again because my friend said he missed reading them. That’s all it takes for me really. I just need a slight push because I’m already on the edge of things. I’m not afraid to … Continue reading

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Freewrite July 20th

I’ve been a bit obsessed with the Red Hot Chili Peppers (again?) today. I’ve been actually going through all kinds of music lately, and really studying sound development and the process of music making. I was listening to some Xavier … Continue reading

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9 Types of Permaculture People

Permaculture people. As the way plants reflect human beings, we all have different purposes, come in unique shapes and have a certain relationship with our environment. I’m getting more fascinated by this world I decided to jump into, and realized … Continue reading

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How Strategy Games Helped Me Manage

Managing this project hasn’t been without challenges. But many challenges can be approached in a game-like fashion I find. The strategy games I’ve played throughout my life have helped me with parallel process thinking and macromanaging as well as knowing … Continue reading

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June 13th Update from Cabo Verde

Work is really taking most of my energy here. Having time for myself is also important, and I’ve had the chance to spend me-time with others by sharing common interests. It’s been good. What I said about organizing my workers … Continue reading

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