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Hi there! My name is Iemke ‘imka’ Postma and I’m a half-Thai-half-Dutch guy, living in Cabo Verde with a Spanish woman… you might think I suffer from some kind of identity crisis but on the contrary! Without a strong sense of any kind of nationalism, I feel more like a global citizen with a motivation to do what I feel is best for mankind rather than any creed or nation.

Living in Cape Verde has its benefits… to truly grasp the richness of what it is to be here, however, consider booking your next trip and visit a couple of islands… and let me know if you’re in the hood! We’ll help you get on your way. Check out our website www.cabotrippers.nl to book a stay with us or to get help through our Whatsapp line or other services. Or send me an email via cabotrippers@gmail.com!

About Me

I grew up mostly in the Netherlands but spent a significant time of my childhood in Thailand (from age 8 to 15).  Coming back to the Netherlands to finish my high school education and continue on to university, my journey as an adult started here. I traveled and lived abroad in various places during my time at university, then after I finished, settled in Cape Verde (aka Cabo Verde which I use interchangeably) to go after an ambition to become the first fresh mushroom grower in the country, sustaining myself with a job opportunity as a project manager for a hydroponic greenhouse.

Life in Cape Verde

I’ve now been living here since April 2016, which is almost 2 years as I’m writing this (February 2018). My project management contract has long ended, and my mushrooms still haven’t taken off because of technical issues, requiring more time in the R&D department than I expected. I am now teaching English to sustain my life here but am also backed by my partner, who I’ve met here. She has a PhD in Molecular Biology and teaches at the university. She’s expected to become the mother of my son around July this year too.

We enjoy the lifestyle we’re able to have in Cape Verde, which is one of the main reasons why we’re still here. Even though Cabo Verde is technically part of Africa, my partner likes to call it “the seventh continent” (North and South America is one continent to her); there’s nothing quite like Cabo Verde anywhere in the world.

It’s hard to put your finger on what Cape Verde really is, it being an archipelago nation, with each island being different from the next. The most populous island, Santiago, is where we live in the capital, Praia, where a quarter of the nation’s population resides. Knowing Praia does not mean you know Santiago, and visiting one island and then thinking you know Cape Verde is like measuring the tip of the iceberg to determine its size.

Overall, however, Cape Verde is very peaceful. People here have a high degree of indulgence meaning that they value their leisure time and act very impulsively on what they’re feeling in the moment. They have a general sense of optimism and a positive attitude towards life. People here are true survivors. To truly know Cape Verde, however, you have to feel it. It is not something that can be conveyed in pictures. The closest you can perhaps get to Cape Verde without visiting it, is through its music, the main cultural ambassador of this archipelago nation… but come visit! We might be able to host you (check out www.cabotrippers.nl or send an email to cabotrippers@gmail.com) and give you advice on where to go, what to do and welcome you to this unique archipelago nation. See you on the other side 😉 Peace!



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