About iemke Postma

Me on the edge at Grandpa's 80th

Hi there! My name is Iemke Postma and I’m half-Thai, half-Dutch having lived in Thailand as well as the Netherlands for portions of my life (and a 6-month exchange period in Australia). Since I’ve been doing international school since the age of 9, I’ve had a lot of rich experiences in terms of speaking and writing in English (hence the writing language choice), travelling, and trying out different things. I’ve come to the point where I’ve attained more control over the things I can change in my environment, and hope to eventually make a change that will revolutionize the world and inspire others to do so too.

From my blog, you might read things about permaculture, personal development, marijuana, education and a bunch of random other stuff! But that’s the pie 🙂 Enjoy it, comment, subscribe, I love all my fans and haters. Peace!


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