Menno’s Last Days in Cabo

I was thinking of writing blogs again because my friend said he missed reading them. That’s all it takes for me really. I just need a slight push because I’m already on the edge of things. I’m not afraid to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. In general I feel that’s real. Ofcourse there are moments where I find myself being insecure about things but luckily I have a partner who I can confide in. 

Yesterday we had a jam session and a barbecue at my place. It was pretty sweet. We had a first group and a second group, and some overlap. It was a good crowd and everything worked out the way it should’ve. We started with the barbecue early because I know barbecueing chicken takes time and attention. I watched the sun set as I was preparing food before the guests arrived. Its good we have a pretty good sound system now too. The first group involved mostly IT professionals and some other friends and the second group involved more musicians who came to jam. We had flutes, saxophones, guitars, an accordion, voices and some beatboxing. It was pretty fantastic since some of the musicians I invited also were professionals. Me and Menno started us off with some Sunshine Castle originals (our latest recording), and we ran out just as the other musicians joined the party. 

I find that that happens a lot here. Serendipity. Everything happens when its supposed to. Just give it time and have patience. Not saying thats the case with everything, as putting people under pressure when you want things to happen is also necessary. It’s a balancing act of pushing and letting go. 

Its the last day for my friend in Cape Verde as well. We had a good run. I’m glad he visited and learned a lot with him. It helps that his job involves coaching startups as well as he gave me some valuable advice and helped progress my business after the first night already. 

He gave a presentation at the university and we travelled to another island (Fogo) as well as exploring Santiago to the extent we could with the time we had. We played a lot of music and made some moves with business. It was pretty fantastic.

As a Libra, he balances out my extremeties. Whether you believe in astrological compatibility or not, I’ve found it helps me balance my life and relations with others. It gives me an alternative lens to look through and helps compare and contrast what aspects of my personality and that of others works well and doesn’t. Its a crude lens, I admit, but it captures some generalities marvelously. 

I’m about to head out for a last meal before we’re putting him on an airplane. 

I’m thankful for his presence and we had some good adventures during his stay. We laughed and we harmonized, we created beautiful things together and I hope we will continue to do so in the future. Overlapping his field with mine could potentially create new opportunities and new adventures. I wish him the best of luck and hope to meet again. Bon voyage! 

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