9 Types of Permaculture People

Permaculture people. As the way plants reflect human beings, we all have different purposes, come in unique shapes and have a certain relationship with our environment. I’m getting more fascinated by this world I decided to jump into, and realized there’s also a whole spectrum of people to explore. Here are 9 types of Permaculture people I’ve met:

The Intuitive Expert

These are people who have a deep expertise of a certain field sometimes very much related to Permaculture, but have come to a Permaculture way of thinking from their own intuition and understanding of their environment. Experts probably have a job in their respective fields or are using their knowledge applied in specific niches related to Permaculture, but wouldn’t necessarily classify themselves as Permaculture practitioners.

The Young Adept

Young Adepts have recently graduated from a Permaculture Design Course or a more specific field underneath the Permaculture umbrella, and are looking to apply their knowledge with the skills they’ve learnt. They are starting to deepen their experience in a certain area with the first drops filling the bucket. They may already have come from a certain related field but are letting Permaculture tie it all together.

The Radical Activist

The Radical Activist likes to March Against Monsanto, but can also be seen shouting out about animal cruelty, injustice against people and probably is a bit of an anarchist too. They want to farm for their sovereignty.

The Sensitive Artist

The Sensitive Artist sees and feels too much of the world sometimes. Is happiest when making art or gardening in the community garden.

The Working Professional

Has an established Permaculture practice. Is applying it a demonstration site or a terrain at least a few acres in size, and consults with other people and organizations on issues of sustainability.

The Grass Roots Leader

Has crafted their own philosophy through experience and found a way to bring people together with a garden. Has a charismatic personality that puts a smile on your face. Charms you to pick up a shovel.

The Recently Converted

It’s when we’ve taken our first Permaculture introduction or are starting jump on this path of gardening, and attempting to grow our own food. How does it all work? What do worms do? Soil huh? Tell me more?

The Alien

That guy who’s slightly separated himself from mainstream society, perhaps a bit cynical of it. He’s a bit weird, but the people around him don’t raise an eyebrow because he’s in a place of love… well they sometimes raise an eyebrow, but that’s why he’s loved! 😛

The Overseas Starter

The Overseas Starter lives, as the name implies, abroad. Had different reasons to move but is turning their attention to their purpose and inner calling. Somehow Permaculture is something that’s resonating strongly on their path. They might very well be combining their job with Permaculture happenings because of its related field and planting the seeds of an organic lifestyle.

Hope you enjoyed the read 😉

Until next time!


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5 Responses to 9 Types of Permaculture People

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  3. I suppose I’m the Sensitive Artist type.. Love this post…

    Happy gardening to ya, Laura

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