June 13th Update from Cabo Verde

Work is really taking most of my energy here. Having time for myself is also important, and I’ve had the chance to spend me-time with others by sharing common interests. It’s been good.

What I said about organizing my workers by rank and file has actually really helped me, as tomorrow I’ll be getting a total of 20 workers to manage. It helps me to create teams led by Sergeants, and a Staff Sergeant appointed to each squad of 10 guys. I’ll be interested to see how this goes…

The reason I’m getting 10 more guys is because my superiors want progress to go faster. My on the ground supervisor and I had a bit of a discussion about this because, even though I was putting my guys to work 100%, things were taking too long. She thought that getting a specialist from Holland would make things go faster. I disagreed, since all the work that that specialist knew how to do, I figured out how to do 6 weeks ago. What I needed was more manpower. As a manager, my job should’ve been to communicate that that’s what I needed to increase project’s speed. I didn’t realize that this was possible since I’m so used to just working with what I’m given and it’s also a bit of a Principle-Agent problem, since there is no incentive for me to speed up progress other than the possibility I might lose my job for incompetence… but I’m not too worried about that since my on the ground supervisor reported she was very happy with me. I did use the word ‘bullshit’ around her though, as I was kind of frustrated by her lack of knowledge about how the greenhouse system worked and how she thought a flown in specialist would increase productivity. She didn’t like it. I was quick to apologize and we found some even ground.

Even though what I said about incentive before, I still want to do my job the best I can. It’s also kind of cool managing more people. I was thinking that if it works well working with 20 guys, I might increase that further for the week after next, by the end of which we should probably have 3 greenhouses up and running.

There’s also life outside of work which I’m happy about. Even though I’ve been working 6 days a week lately, I’ve spent my time outside work in good company.

I was invited to a jam session the other day which was good timing since the container from Holland arrived a week before with all my instruments. I brought my saxophone and flute along which people seemed to dig. Especially the more minor key pieces I can really go loose on since I’m used to playing Blues scales. Happy upbeat music doesn’t seem to be my forte. I had some good times jamming though 🙂

Since the container arrived, I’ve been able to cook better meals with the hot air oven and rice cooker I shipped over. I made an oven cooked bell pepper filled with sweet potatoes, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper and chili the other day. That was pretty fantastic. I moved in without furniture, so most of my stuff is just on the floor everywhere. Starting to piece some stuff together though.




There are other great things happening which I’m keeping for myself. It’s been unexpectedly good. Living in the moment and feeling like I’m going through a lot of spiritual growth. That’s all I have to say about it now.

Hope to write some more and perhaps post shorter updates with more frequency.Keep you posted. Ciao 😉

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