An easy week

This week has been quite a breeze at work, mostly because all the technical aspects of construction were solved last week and now its a matter of coordinating and waiting for resources for the next phase of construction which is putting the roof of the greenhouse on. I’ve been mostly working on personal administration in Cape Verde so I can work and live here legally. But I try to help out where I can.

We have a dog at work who’s name is Lati. We get along well, mostly because I’m the only one who seems to pet him. I noticed yesterday that he was a bit on edge, because of the heat that day but maybe also because he just ate a whole meal of spaghetti and rice which one of the workers accidentally dropped on the ground. I think the overload of carbs was getting to his head.

The foreman said that the dog also had some kind of insect/parasite on his butt somewhere, which at first I thought was a tick. I led him to the cool corridor next to the cantine and examined him for ticks. I couldn’t find anything although I did notice a hole-shaped wound on his butt. I folded his skin to take a closer look and noticed something yellowish which I thought was puss. I rolled his skin and the ‘puss’ started to slowly get out, so I figured I’d clean it by gently squeezing the excess out of his body. As soon as I started putting a bit more pressure to squeeze it out, out plopped a larvae about a centimeter long which started wriggling on the ground. Turned out Lati had a botfly larvae in his butt which may have also contributed to his restlessness that day.

So far I’m staying healthy though *knock on wood*. I just had a medical exam which took a few hours of waiting, less than a minute of the actual checkup with a stethoscope, and had to pay 1000$ escudos (a bit less than €10) for it. I was there since 06:55AM. They really should streamline the system by making it possible to do this by appointment because its kind of ridiculous how its set up like this… I put this idea in the suggestion box as well. Through the kindness of some people though, I was able to not completely get my turn skipped because I didn’t know how the process worked. Most of the men are pretty selfish whilst the women are much more cooperative I noticed. I definitely had some guardian angels on the lookout for me.

For the rest I’m also doing my Shaolin Kung Fu at least ever other day, getting up at 05.00am on weekdays so I have time for myself in the morning. The shuttle bus picks everyone up at 07.30am at a meeting point a few hundred meters south of where I live, though its always at least 15minutes late.

Even though eating out is relatively cheap (I had rice with vegetables and fish for 150$ escudos again the other day) I still cook for myself, also because then I can take leftovers to work for lunch the next day. Here’s what I cooked yesterday:


It’s sweet potato, carrot, onions, garlic, olive oil, salt/pepper stuck in the oven and at the last bit threw in tomatoes and voila, c’est fini… accompanied by some queijo de terra (goatcheese) from the neighboring island Fogo. That cheese especially was the finishing touch of that meal. So friggin’ good. Yes mom, I’m eating well and taking care of myself.

Other than that, my business partner is going to visit my workplace today so we can see what possibilities we have. He’ll be flying back to the Netherlands saturday to round things up in Holland so we’ll see when he’ll be back.

In the meantime, I’m still in the search of a language school although I might’ve found something… will check it out on saturday. I’m quite comfortable stumbling with my cracked up Portuguese and throwing in English with enough hand gestures and tone so I can communicate what I need. We’ll get there.

For now, I’m going to have some lunch so I’ll write some more later. Ciao!

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4 Responses to An easy week

  1. Hans says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. Interesting and good to read that you are actually moving into the veterinarian line of work. Just curious….where did that larvae end up?

    • iemke postma says:

      😉 I picked it up with two pieces of dried bean husk and showed my co-workers. I’m not sure what happened afterwards but there’s a good chance they might’ve killed it. I can’t imagine it surviving outside of its host for long anyway.

  2. Hans says:

    Reading about that larvae and then seeing that delicious dish triggered somewhat of a yucky but maybe very sustainable thought…

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