A weekend in Praia

Closing off the weekend here in Praia. I decided to stay put this weekend as I needed more time to rest and there was plenty for me to explore in the city. I made it a challenge for myself to try as many new things as possible and step outside my comfort zone wherever I could. It gave me some interesting experiences.

Friday was my last workday of the week so I finally had time in the evening to extend a bit more with everything. I was waiting for some BBQ chicken which they were cooking across my street so in the meantime, I was playing some ukulele tunes. I think what made the most impact was when I played ‘Where is the Love?’ by the Black Eyed Peas.

During my song, I kept getting distortion from a guy that was sitting away from me, trying to rap through the song and trying to communicate with me. It made me mess up my lyrics a bit because I was trying to focus on articulating and remembering the rap lyrics. At the end of the song, we talked for a bit and I found out he was an American from Boston… and I sensed that me and him were on different planets. I figure the song struck a chord with him because it was almost a direct critique of his very existence, being the money driven, mysoginistic prick that he seemed to be. He liked ‘my style’ though and asked me to sit closer in which I replied that he could come in instead since I had other audience around me. He didn’t budge.

I played a few more songs, collected my BBQ chicken, then left to go home to eat my catch with some rice and veggies I had leftover, then called it a night after some writing and smart phoning.

Saturday morning finally gave me time to sleep in and wake up slow. I was going to make today beach day so I packed accordingly. After my morning shenanigans of things such as playing music, doing some Duolingo exercises and practicing my Shaolin workout, I made my way to the plateau to have some lunch since I knew a place that had Catchupa for 150$ escudos (which is slightly less than €1.50). I took the public bus for the first time, which was jam packed although I managed to squeeze in just inside the doors. It was good to experience what its like to travel in peak hours so that anything else would feel like a luxury.

Arriving at plateau, I walked to the restaurant and noticed they had quiche, which seemed appealing so I decided to go for that and have a vegetable soup on the side. After I finished my quiche they told me the soup wasn’t ready so I had a Catchupa instead. Big lunch.

I decided to walk to the beach in Quebra Canella to see what I’d encounter along the way. Everything really isn’t that far apart, it just takes a bit of walking to get there. It helps me to get familiar with the place too.

Saturday is a good beach day. I don’t know if that could be a pattern, but there seemed to be more young adults there than on a Sunday. Sundays are more family oriented days where you tend to find more kids and families at the beach. It’s generally also more busy as I’d guess that families have their ‘family day’ on Sunday. I figure that young adults use Saturday as their prime chill day, and going out late as well so they can recover on Sunday (and not go to the beach) which is why you see the change in demographics. That’s my attempt at inductive reasoning of beach demographics anyway.

Anyway. Saturday was a good day at the beach for me. I met someone I knew from Holland as well and we connected for a bit. I walked around to explore a bit more before deciding I did kind of want to jump in for a bit. I stashed my stuff next to my friend’s bag and took a dive. It was glorious.

I swam a bit, did some handstands and yoga/kung fu on the beach, checked out some beach bodies, then went to go join the guys who were practicing Jiu Jitsu on one end.

The guys I met were pretty chill. I talked a bit to the friend who was watching the other two train as he was more into surfing than martial arts. He was working as a chef on Boa Vista/Sal and surfed in his spare time. Cool dude. The guys that were practicing Jiu Jitsu were cool too, and I might meet them later next week for some training. I taught them some exercises from my Kung Fu workout and we chilled some more and shared a spliff.

It was a good place to be. I felt very connected to my environment. I wanted to nap actually but the sun kept me moving. I did some capoeira with some other guys on the beach and meditated for a bit before moving on.

I was slowly making my way back home but stopped to smell every flower on the way… which allowed some more opportunities to reveal themselves. I moved from place to place, seeing if I could make some interesting connections and also, to get out of my comfort zone so my world would become bigger. With marijuana, I tend to notice patterns and observe social dynamics more sharply… which could also be just in my head but its interesting to play with those ideas. In the end its about the resulting action. I was having fun anyway and took a risk by potentially making a fool out of myself. I did notice people observing me because I was breaking the status quo a bit… I don’t want to go into detail too much but I had some good interactions and I’ll leave it at that.

My water was finished as I brought way too little so I decided to get a big bottle at the supermarket. Again, I meandered my way there, especially because marijuana makes everything more interesting as I look at everything with more depth and detail. It helps me see the beauty in all that is.

Without a care or thought, I got closer to the store when my eyes locked on a pair of sunglasses with a pearly white grin underneath it… it took me 2 seconds to realize who it was in which I started running with joy at the sight of my friend and business partner who planted the seed of my existence in Cabo Verde. We hadn’t communicated, though our reunion was unexpected but very welcome. It was great to share how everything was going and good to reflect on our plans and means to get there. I’m excited for what the future holds in this.

We went to his (parents’) house, in which we shared a spliff and I had a grogue to calm my stomach from the overload of softdrinks it was getting that day. We talked some more and I chilled on the balcony before we both left to go our own ways.

As he brought me to the taxi pool, I observed him carrying his carry-on luggage which is one of those with a retractable handle and wheels. He was handling it like a pro as I watched him adapt to the terrain with it. The way he carried it was done very systematically and organized in a very no nonsense sort of manner. On a side note, he did serve more than 10 years in the military which is where that might’ve come from. But the elegance and beauty of how he simply handled his luggage showed a peak of the iceberg that was lying beneath the experience of this human being… did I mention that I get very observant when smoking marijuana?

We said our goodbyes as I took a cab to my apartment in Terra Branca where they set up a stage for the Jazz Festival that was happening… almost right outside my door which was cool/convenient.

I took some time to get settled at home and also had a spurt of musicality that came out of me… which is when I recorded a solo jam session that was inspired by my friends from Decision, a music making duo active in the Amsterdam area.

After taking my time to get settled, I made my way out. There wasn’t really anything happening although I talked to some people in the crowd and in the production. The show was a bit delayed, as per normal in Cape Verde. Since I saw a vacuum, I proceeded to fill that vacuum.

I made my way home as I had the grand idea of putting up an LED light poi show for the people waiting for things to start. Along my way, I encountered my neighbor and her three sons around the age of 10, maybe younger. We had a get-to-know moment and one of her sons heard me play ukulele and wanted to get lessons from me… which could potentially be a way to decrease the amount of rent I pay 🙂 (as my neighbor’s mother is the landlord).

I collected my poi and made my way back to the concert area to set up at the still empty crowd space in front of the stage and started spinning my poi to the music recording that was playing. I remember it being good music to spin to and showed the crowd some tricks. It was a good length of time for me to move on and do all my tricks, as the music ended and progressed to another song at a perfect moment. I bowed, got my applause (and some whistles :P), then exited stage right.

I wanted to go back home to drop off my poi again but got stopped on the way with the offer of 50$ escudo capirinhas… I sat at the place that made these for a bit and ordered some pasteis de atum (tuna pastries) as well which was exactly what I was craving at that moment. Had some good interactions here as well… you get a long way with ” ‘sta fiche” and “tous dret” here, the Badieuw (southern islands dialect) creole of saying ‘everything cool’ and ‘all good’. It very often results in at least a smile anyway which are always welcome in my vicinity.

After this, I was chilling with some well groomed stray dogs who all seemed to enjoy the petting. There was one who was trying to get on my lap and kept on trying to get in between when I was petting another dog. Dogs are great though, who I almost always have good connections with.

I was getting pretty tired from my long day and I wasn’t really super into the music playing. It was chill and mellow and all, but I needed some dancing energy or something. I thought I’d take a rest before I’d head out again… but I never came back after that rest.

Retrospectively, I could’ve maybe pushed myself more to experience all I could… I would’ve had all Sunday to recover anyway as today I didn’t really do much though I went to the beach again and visited a couple more but like I said… different vibes on a Sunday. I did have a fantastic Catchupa at Hotel Rotterdão (Hotel Rotterdam- of all places) though, which had an all-you-can-eat Catchupa Rica and a fruit salad bowl at the end as dessert for 600$ escudos (less than €6) total, which was a fantastic deal since it was a pretty well done Catchupa and I had two pretty big servings and picked out all the goodies. I’ll probably dream about that Catchupa tonight.

For now, I should probably get some rest so I can do my workout before work tomorrow and I might also now cook my lunch… I need to get a hold of some oyster sauce and soy sauce though. But I guess I’ll just add malageta (the local sambal) to everything later. Anyway. I’m done. Thanks for reading, and see you on the otherside 😉 peace!

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