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Workdays and a surprise Chinese cultural show + poi fireshow on the beach

I really am trying to make the most of work here. Mostly, its giving me the time and space to reflect on myself. There hasn’t been anything pressing and I’m quick to troubleshoot problems when they do come along… which … Continue reading

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Had a great weekend in Praia. Met lots of people and felt like I’m starting to get a better feel for everything around me. Becoming in sync with the place. Attracting opportunities that I never realized. It’s been pretty hot … Continue reading

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An easy week

This week has been quite a breeze at work, mostly because all the technical aspects of construction were solved last week and now its a matter of coordinating and waiting for resources for the next phase of construction which is … Continue reading

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A weekend in Praia

Closing off the weekend here in Praia. I decided to stay put this weekend as I needed more time to rest and there was plenty for me to explore in the city. I made it a challenge for myself to … Continue reading

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The first week in Cabo Verde

Almost a week has passed and I’ve gotten my hands dirty with work. My first day wasn’t really a workday, but allowed me some orientation for the project. As I’m writing this, I’m heading into the weekend and already I’ve … Continue reading

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The story so far…

My last day in Rotterdam consisted of packing up the last few items in my room and moving them to storage. I was moving in a determined but relaxed manner, something I also learned from Aikido. Around midday I was … Continue reading

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Arriving in Cabo Verde… Again

After my first trip to Cabo Verde, the plan was always to come back for the long haul, so that I have time to set up the project me and my Cabo team had in mind… things didn’t quite go … Continue reading

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