A Week in the Life of Me

I’m not so regular with the blogs anymore because I’m spending most of my writing time on my book instead. I’m working on a bit of an autobiography for myself because why the hell not? I figured, if I’m going to spend so much time writing anyway, I might as well put it in a pretty package and perhaps self-publish it as an e-book for starters and then expand from there. It also allows me to get into some of the deeper aspects of who I am and my being and how I’ve come to be as I am today. It’s also a very reflective and meditative process allowing me to dive into some of my memories and allows me to tell my coming-of-age story to the world. I’ve been blessed with a good life and wanted to share my perspective so people have the chance to see things from my angle.

Thinking about life so much (and because of the fact that I can’t sleep), I figured I could share a breakdown of what a week in my life at the moment looks like. So here goes…


Monday is my recovery day from everything. Monday (or Mon Day if you think about it in French) is dedicated to me-time, and not really doing much other than what I feel like. It can be a lazy day where I just hang around the house or a free day I use to meet friends or do some small work preparations and planning for the week. I don’t usually work on Mondays because its not a popular day for people to visit bars/restaurants or other events. Monday Blues is not really a thing for me… unless you call it Monday Jazz or something, which sounds a lot more fun because its a pretty cool day for me.


On Tuesday, I attempt to work on my business. This can involve meeting people (clients/advisers/support etc.) and working on whatever needs doing. I’m busy building a website at the moment so energy is being invested in doing that. It’s also a day for educating myself about knowledge related to my business so I develop that. It’s still mostly a chill day and having had a good rest day on Monday usually helps my Tuesday be more productive. Tuesday evenings are these days also dedicated to Aikido.


Depending on the workload for my business or if I feel like I need more free time, Wednesdays are interchangeable with employment agency work. I need to take what I can get with the employment agency at the moment because there isn’t always that much demand at this time of year, so I stay flexible. Usually this means work in the evenings. Sometimes I don’t have work, which isn’t bad either as then I get to do self-development stuff… like Aikido weapons training in the evening which I try to follow every week now as its awesome. In the summer I used to go to Proefpark de Punt on these days for gardening sessions. This Wednesday there might be another jamming session with the band, a lunch meetup and perhaps a skate session followed by Aikido weapons training… good times.


Thursdays to Saturdays are my core work days scheduled at my employment agency. If I’d get planned in 3 days every week consistently I’d be able to slowly increase my capital whilst living a decent lifestyle from my perspective. Ideally, I would like work on a Thursday which ends before the evening as then I can still join Aikido. This could be working a shift at Boijmans for example, a museum I sometimes work at.


I used to make Fridays my gardening days for the Vredestuin, but that was during the summer. Nowadays, I’m usually up too late to still be able to join that in the morning which is usually because I’ve worked the night before or because my sleeping rhythm is messed up. Friday evenings are usually dedicated work nights as its popular for going out, thus work for me. No training today, except the occasional Shaolin Kung Fu session if I’m feeling the need to sharpen my technique and expend some energy.


Saturday mornings is Aikido training which I prefer to skip, as I can then save my energy for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training which starts at 13:00. Even if I was up until 06:00am, I’ll get myself out of bed for training because otherwise I’ll have to catch up a lesson on a Monday in the south of Rotterdam… and its a lot of fun training with these people at Team Agua which is where I’m at at the moment. This is one of the best training for my fitness (besides from my Shaolin Kung Fu) because you’re battling for survival in a game of “chess with your body”. Its fun to learn and play. I’ll have a high protein lunch after this and might take a powernap and relax before work in the evenings as Saturday is another popular going out day.


Sunday morning might also include Aikido training, but tends to be dedicated to a volunteer day at the garden. Whether you volunteer at your local church or animal rescue center, I think its good to have a day dedicated to this. My tribe lies with the garden, so I’ll attempt to go here on Sundays to spend time but also harvest a yield. Seeing regular faces is always good but I also enjoy seeing new faces to see what they can add to the group. After these work days I’m usually knackered… although I do enjoy having a campfire every now and then where I’ll usually be making music, fire dancing, or skating. There should be another campfire coming soon so always a good time here 🙂

This is more or less the breakdown of a week in the life of mine. I tend to longboard or bike to work, depending on the weather and my mood, and the practicality of either modes of transport. With a longboard, I can stash my board in the car and then get dropped off at my house after work instead of returning to the office which is sometimes very chill after working long hours. I don’t longboard recreational that much, although my commute IS recreational for me. I might do more in the near future… thinking of acquiring a more playful board than my distance machine (Loaded Tesseract perhaps? Bustin Shrike? In that direction anyhow…) and perhaps skating with a crew. Still up for the longdistance trips but that would have to be in holidays… whatever that means!

It’ll probably be interesting reading this 10 years later to see how my lifestyle will have changed. I’ll keep fighting the good fight anyhow. Peace! Amituofo! May the force be with you.

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