First of the Year 2016

It’s time for a blog since its just been way too long.

I was meaning to do an episode thing of the Cabo Verde journey but it requires more work and thought than I was prepared for. The reward for this would also mostly be intrinsic as there would likely not be any physical changes I would be able to see manifest from this. Cabo Verde plans are still ongoing… these things just need time and space to manifest. What I did in those 4+ weeks are still relevant to my life’s journey and goals of today but there are things happening in the present too which are easier to reflect on than digging up the past.

Here are some first month of the year happenings:







In conclusion:

Work shenanigans, finally picking up my Bachelor of Science diploma, music shenanigans, longboard commutes, perks of working and gardening things (videos will be uploaded later due to technical difficulties). Undocumented cool things were having gardening people move into my neighborhood and having good times chilling; my roommates birthday with food, speeches, music, cigars and grogue; Aikido lessons; Permaculture developments and simple things like eating garden grown food and enjoying the comfort of a roof over my head. Be grateful for everything, especially what’s right in front of you.

Everything is going in the right direction. Its time to amp things up though and I feel that this year can bring some more of the things I love into my life. Time to get crackalacking.

To close off, here’s a poem I wrote:

Summer Breeze

She whispers in the desert scape,
These burning lands are unforgiving.
A sweet soft kiss to ease the pain;
She carries with her all the living.

Crafting dunes from tiny grains,
Determined in her subtle ways.
Outspoken when she needs to be, 
The essence of a summer breeze.

Gently flowing, free and fresh,
A touch of her will bring the best, 
Out of yourself, not just a test, 
Its here to stay, forget the rest.

Though words may falter short of you, 
I find my depth in metaphors;
Its who you are that I can see, a memory living evermore. 
As wind that sweeps beneath my wings, A force that makes me feel at ease, 
A gentle nurturing living being: a spirit that is summer breeze.

-Iemke Postma

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