Mama in the Netherlands

Going to do a more present moment blog to lay off the Cabo Verde blog at the moment. It’s all connected anyhow.

Being here in Rotterdam feels good in a way. I’m really thinking about the logistics of living here, and its kind of nice to have a fallback place to sleep, organize myself and expand my network and skills. The rent is pretty cheap and my mom seemed to like staying here when she visited from Malaysia/Thailand.

#1 Mom just arrived

#2 Mom arrived

My mom. What would I do without my mom? Life gets a little bit better when she’s here anyway.

She arrived a few hours later than me on Schiphol, myself having just come back from Cabo Verde. My sister was also there to welcome her arrival and also mine I guess:

#3 Eline and mom

For a large proportion of her trip here she stayed with me in Rotterdam, since she came partly because of my graduation (which I missed because I registered too late… haha whoops) but also to be here for my birthday and to organize stuff/see friends/family. It was good hosting her πŸ™‚

Me and mom at Stadhuis

#4 Mom going to bed

Since my room is sort of divided into a bedroom/living room space, setting up a bed was no problem so we each had our own space. She seemed happy enough being there πŸ˜›

Whenever (parts of) our family is back in the country, visiting extended family is always part of the program.

#5 20151113_204331

#6 20151113_204356 #7 20151113_204409

Yin Yang outfits… weird sibling matches

#8 20151114_111629

…and whenever mom is here, there’s always food moments.


#9 20151114_131434Β Β  #10 20151114_13144820151114_134758

I often go out to eat when my mom is here, having only really cooked breakfast for her once.

20151115_132257 20151115_132554

Since my sister was leaving to Costa Rica on her own endeavors, we decided to have dinner together before everyone left as it’d be the last time we’d be together like that for a while. I found this Nepalese/Northern Indian place in Amsterdam Noord through a discount voucher we got buying curtains. In the end, we just used the vouchers to get free desserts, but the dinner was really good! My sister invited her boyfriend and the 4 of us had a pretty nice evening πŸ™‚

20151117_182628 20151117_182801 20151117_182638

Having my mom stay for my birthday was also really good. She bought me a bunch of stuff so I could survive the winter, and of course, we went out to eat:


Damn tasty milkshakes! At the Greek place in Markthal Rotterdam.

20151120_133145 20151120_133015

Just being there, enjoying food with my mom are the simple things which make it all that much better. Most of the time we spent together was either productive or food oriented, so from a practical point of view it was also good to have her here πŸ™‚

20151120_140814 20151120_154245

I love you mom. Hope to see you again soon!!! You’re welcome to stay anytime πŸ˜‰ X

Tot de volgende keer!

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