Flying next week and other updates

So its happening for real. Cabo Verde tickets are booked for next week.  I’m leaving on Wednesday and coming back November 10th (3 hours before my mom arrives from Asia). Looking at AirBnB to rent out my place (which is allowed according to my house contract).

Also went to TU Delft on Monday to check out the Industrial Ecology Master program. I thought the introduction lesson was interesting although a whole day was too much for me, let alone a whole week. Doing a Masters now would feel like a misallocation of energy. The field of Industrial Ecology is way too broad and I really need something specific to pin me down. Undertaking my own enterprise would be the way to go. The knowledge I need I can gain on the go from a multitude of sources. I’m kind of done studying theories and models of reality. I’ve had enough of that already. Now its time to get my hands in the dirt.

 Yesterday I went to Rotterzwam for the application process where they invited 10 other candidates. We were a pretty diverse group with different levels of experience and approaches to how we would strengthen the concept. I was mostly interested in their shipping-container mushroom growing concept as it can be applicable in multiple environments and provide a mobile base of operations. On the other hand, the costs in such a system are high and for developing countries (like Cape Verde), low tech solutions might be more applicable. The first mushroom growers in France worked in underground caverns where they could get the right conditions for white button mushrooms. Cultivating mushrooms is actually quite a recent development with the first farmers starting in the 1800s. There’s lots of room today for innovation within cultivation. New methods for cultivating Morel mushrooms have for example been developed, which are able to be sold for high margins because of their rarity.

My sister came to visit me in Rotterdam too. You start to appreciate the moments you have together more once you get older. We had some tapas at the restaurant opposite my house and caught up with things. We played some games before she left to her in-laws for dinner. She left me a lot of early birthday presents as well which was cool and thoughtful. Too bad we didn’t get a chance to jam since its been a while since we’ve made music together.

Other than that, I’ve been working the last bits that I can before flying. Today was at Werelds again for a short but relaxed 5 hours but also had been working on the SS Rotterdam last week in the dish washing kitchen:

IMG_4348 IMG_4347

Work gets me in random places. Its good to experience though, and I’m learning a lot about people. I’m not a social butterfly like some, although I do make an effort to connect with people. I get along with most because I’m willing to step past egos and not take anything personal. The floor manager from my last post was there as well today in the beginning and I didn’t feel any anger towards him because I understood it was the accumulation of stress he was feeling that unloaded onto me (although at the time it was personal and a threat to my security which is where the rage came from). I see a lot of other people’s quirks clashing with each other but I choose to look through that or walk away.

In the workplace, I see myself more as the operational guy focusing on process efficiency and problem solving. Cross-selling and finding client-based solutions are areas that appeal to me too, but I don’t see myself as a super sales-y guy either.

As a kid, my favorite toy were LEGOs, getting inspired to build stuff with ideas from games like Mech Commander and the Command and Conquer series or things like Star Wars. Manifesting my imagination into reality is still something that appeals to me, but then with bigger building blocks. But lets walk the walk before we go any further on this 😉 I’ll see you on the otherside.

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4 Responses to Flying next week and other updates

  1. joukep says:

    Have you seen how mom setup the mushrooms in Pattaya? Quite smart actually! I tried to find a pic but didn’t find anything.
    SS Rotterdam? Cool. If we wouldn’t have fu&%ed it up, that would’ve been our installation too!
    Enjoy your trip and make at least one dive! Cheers!

    • iemke postma says:

      Yeah, I remember with the barrels and the black cloth to block excessive UV radiation. Rotterzwam was actually discouraging me but I see ways for bootstrap solutions, like how they do it in Thailand as well.

      And yeah, I’ll make one dive for the sake of exploring the waters 😉 cheers!

  2. lisapeakman says:

    Hey I find you thoughts and writing interesting. I too might be headed to Cabo Verde soon and I am looking for permaculture connections there.

    • iemke postma says:

      Sweet! Cool 🙂 I’m actually joining an Agro Tourism program next week so I’ll probably have a better idea after that. I’ll write a blog about it to update. I’ll try and share what I find. Ofcourse, there’s no substitute for the real thingso come visit!

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