Cabo Verde

It’s been a while since my last blog. Been busy mostly working to save up for the trip to Cabo Verde. Still have to plan out the details but I trust my Cabo team to take care of that. Its cool to see how the domino pieces are falling. On Monday, I’m going to an Industrial Ecology lecture in TU Delft to check out if that’s a Master program that would suit me, potentially next year. On October 8th I’ve got an invitation to meet the Rotterzwam team to see if I’m able to strengthen it. I’ll probably be leaving to Cape Verde soon after, but Oyster mushroom growing will be the focus, so very relevant to what Rotterzwam is already doing and would be cool to get direct contact with them whilst in Cabo. Had a meeting with another party who was also interested in permaculture projects in Cape Verde as they’re working on Greening the Desert type projects which could be relevant to Cape Verde as well. Also had the green lights on funding for a permablitz project in Rotterdam but will have to work on that when I get back in November. It’s great how its all starting to pick up. Excited for the future and what’s going to happen with my permaculture happenings.


Before these project breakthroughs however, I have to hustle with work. The employment agency I work at is actually pretty chill. I like the company and most of the people from the agency are good to work with. Today I worked at a bakery doing mostly preparatory and post production work for the guys there. I enjoyed the work there. It was very monotonous for the first 4 hours or so, but I didn’t mind because it allows me to get into this very meditative state. I focus completely on my technique and practice using both hands with the tools I’m using, mostly training my off hand to do what my dominant hand can do effortlessly. I sort of feel like the karate kid (“wax on, wax off”) but then from a Kung Fu perspective. Of course there was also bread for lunch… with Nutella (coming in a handy 3KG container).


Flour was also everywhere… but that was kind of fun too πŸ˜› good for sliding and dancing.

My work has been really varied though. The other day I got to meet Rudolph van Veen (some Dutch celebrity TV chef) as he was helping out with the open day at the hotel I was working at (Te Hoogerbrugge). Here’s a group photo of our team and him:


That was probably the most hectic day there as well. Usually the place is super relaxed because its mostly pensioned people with money that live in the hotel (which doesn’t get as crazy in numbers as other venues), and they eat super slow so you’re not running from table to table either.

With the employment agency, you find yourself in pretty random places. Like the cafeteria of the International Criminal Court of Justice in the Hague. I’ve never had to do a security check before going to work in a kitchen before πŸ˜› first time for everything… Also had the freedom to experiment with making the salad bar that day which was pretty fun. I like the challenges of new locations though. It’s good to experience the differences and learn the core of this industry but also the little things each place does differently. I enjoy what I do most of the time, and I’m learning how to make work better for myself as well. Everything is negotiable. Negotiating the best deal for yourself is important and there are ways to make processes more efficient or more fun to make your life easier. Hospitality is good πŸ™‚


Been doing some jamming as well. If you haven’t checked it out yet, Sunshine Castle presenting episode 1 of Sunshine Radio:

Hope to continue this concept of freestyle jam sessions. Just had another one with a French couchsurfer. Probably going to start a SoundCloud for Sunshine Radio so other artists can join more easy and we can really let it fly without having to involve too much editing.

I realize now my strength in music really is mostly in my voice, although that still needs plenty of polishing. Its an instrument I’ve loved since I was a child and probably the most useful for me being a bit of a traveler and all. I also notice that if I put more effort into it, I can actually get a decent vibrato going as well. It’s all about control and plenty of practice.


Mostly just commuting with my longboard although that’s a lot of fun as well. I feel kind of like a dolphin with the way people notice me. I’m shooting past most bikers and kids tend to react the most to my presence. I love speed skating, or longboarding I should say to avoid confusion. Haven’t done any competitions lately but I secretly wonder how I would’ve performed with all the events I see fly by. I’m keeping my flexibility up with random Shaolin Kung Fu stretches and also want to start playing basketball more, especially since winter is coming and that’s a sport I can practice indoor. I couldn’t sleep the other day, so I got out at 1:00am to go to the sports field to shoot some hoops then went back. That was a bit of an adventure. I still love basketball. Now that I’ve got all these dumbbells from my storage as well, its time for more workouts. Been doing a lot of pull ups lately so good to expand that with other exercises. Could also join my neighbor more with yoga. And I also want to get regular Aikido/Jiu Jitsu classes in the semi-near future. And also a massage course. So many fun things πŸ™‚

I think I’ll end it here. Will probably go out later to a silent disco thing and will work this weekend for the last bit before pulling the plug on work and start to make Cape Verde preparations. It’s exciting. But at the same time, I’m feeling pretty normal. I don’t know what to expect, but prepared for anything. I suppose that’s my normal state of being. I hope to update more about Cape Verde on the blog as well for the people interested in what’s there and how I’m experiencing it. Stay tuned! And until next time πŸ™‚

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