Blog After Distance Skate Trip (Rotterdam-Utrecht)

Thinking about the future of our existence. Listening to a talk right now by Chris Martenson discussing Economy, Energy and the Environment. Its a crazy world we live in at the moment. I’m looking at all these hockey stick graphs showing exponential increases in pretty much everything and wonder how this is going to turn out. Liquid fuel is one of those big things. We’ve invested heavily into these oil based systems and there really is a need to change. China is already hoarding resources with a mild guess that they’re preparing to weather the storm of whatever that is to come. The thing with exponential relationships is that changes at first may seem slow and steady, but near the end, they’re exploding and accelerating at an extraordinary pace.

This is something I carry with me everywhere I go. Especially when I travel to my workplaces, I usually drive towards the Europoort past the industrial areas, thinking about my own fuel usage and that of my world. Sometimes when I drive home around 2-3AM, the oil manufacturing facilities are completely lit up with their lights which has a kind of beauty to it; a sort of deadly peacefulness behind the destruction which we’re all a part of.

I skated yesterday from Rotterdam to Utrecht and took the train back. I was planning on some rogue camping but it was hard to find suitable places. Good thing I took the train though. I also realized that my student travel product was still active even though I cancelled it using a backdoor method I had to use, since my card was no longer valid and I had to order a new one. The new card probably had the product installed before I got it, and I’ll probably have to write a complaint letter for the fine they’re most likely going to send me. Anyway. Here’s a picture from the skate session in Utrecht I had when I got there:


We were actually quite a big group with around 10 of us at its peak. The guys here know how to skate. It was quite impressive watching them. I’m nowhere near that level and I’d just had my trip behind me so I’d skated enough for the day. I was doing some handstands and Shaolin Kung Fu stuff instead. I’m a different breed of skater.

I really enjoyed my trip though. I had 1 break, and my navigation was alright. I had to adjust a few times for construction on the roads and getting lost a bit in different towns, but asking people is so much nicer than following a computerized voice on your phone. I just used a printed map from Google Maps to find my way. My phone dies too quickly anyway. I only used it at the end to get to the exact address; it took me 4hours and 20mins including breaks to get there.


What I realized is that the trips is what I do it for. I don’t really care for competitive skating too much, although its sometimes fun to compete with others I guess. My focus would be on the ‘training’ aspect of long distance skating. In my mind that would involve planning a weekend trip to somewhere, camping out, and skating back the next day. Maybe a little more planning next time before I do something like that. I don’t really like to plan, but a bit of proper preparation might be an aspect I could work on. I like winging things and preparing for anything… which is why I had the big backpack too. And which is why I went alone. I messaged some potential skate buddies but everyone had other stuff going on. I could’ve posted on the longdistance group but this way was more flexible for me. Maybe if I did more preparation I’d invite others along too but this was a test ride for myself as well to see if I was still feeling the distance skating. Kind of a meandering from how I started this blog but yeah. Happy skater 🙂


Taking it as it comes, but preparing for the worst. That’s how I skate, that’s how I’m living. Live long and prosper |\/|


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