Finding My Cheese

Werelds Aan Het Strand

 Mostly doing workstuff these days. Saving up for Cabo is whats still in my head and building a buffer for myself. The above picture from Werelds is one of the nice weather days. Thats when its good to work there too. 

Working there is in general alright. Its a good learning environment for horeca skills because there’s enough pressure to keep you sharp and good role switching for me to get an overview of most tasks. Its hard work sometimes, but its good to do especially at my age and with my level of fitness. 

Other than work, I’ve been enjoying the freedom of no study obligations other than what I’m obligated to myself to learn especially regarding mushroom cultivation. I suppose its quite simple but learning more commercial methods would perhaps improve my odds at success. I bought Paul Stamets’ book anyway so at least I’ve got my mushroom bible handy. 

I haven’t been to the garden in a while but still have my connections through other people with it. I also still have my harvest from last time that can still be eaten. I’ve made pumpkin pie with it twice, put it in the oven a couple of times and made soup with it 2 days ago with coconut milk, yellow curry and a bunch of other stuff to make some nice ‘Thai’ pumpkin soup. My roommate also overloads the house with garden harvests so I can see some effective task division arising. Pretty soon we can start our own 1 room eco-resort. (There’s potential for our storage space to be used as an extra room but this still has to be discussed with roommates and with what’s in the house contract… But just throwing it out there!) 

I woke up this morning early because I had a rental car from work and free parking is only until 09:00AM on my street. Since I only got about 4-5hours of sleep coming back late from work yesterday, I drove the car to a free parking space on the otherside of the city, brought a blanket with me, and finished of my sleep requirements on the backseat. I had interesting dreams and it was actually alright sleeping there. My longboard was also stashed in the back so I headed out to a cafĂ© afterwards where I am now, enjoying a shake and I might get some food later. 

Life has been interesting. Making more connections as well has been good. Meandering through this existence, chasing dreams and developing myself to recogize opportunities earlier and acting upon them. Fail early and often. There’s something about anti-fragility that’s appealing as well; being like the Hydra that grows stronger with each head chopped off. Reminds me of Sniff and Scurry as well from ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’. Get out into the maze and put yourself in awkward and uncomfortable positions. You’ll learn and grow. You’ll know which paths lead to dead ends sooner and will hopefully find the next cheese station so you can bask in the rewards of having taken the risk. Stay hungry, stay foolish as a wise man once said. And speaking of being hungry, I think I’ll go eat something.

Signing off.


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