August 25th Updates

I was supposed to work at a festival last week but it got cancelled because they misjudged the demand (the client). Probably would’ve been at Lowlands last weekend otherwise. Apparently there were also people from our team working at SAIL in Amsterdam which would’ve been cool as well but no matter.

I worked at Werelds again last week. I’m getting more into my groove there which is great. I’m quite open to doing any job available there from the kitchen washing dishes/doing small food preparations, to running drinks and food, and bar backing which I’m most often signed up for. I always find a way to entertain myself no matter which job I have. People often say they have a negative affinity with dish washing, although I personally don’t have a problem with it. I like working efficiently so putting me at the weakest link there is usually the best option. I’m often singing songs as I’m working, joking around with my colleagues or eating leftover food that’s coming in and about to be thrown out. Restaurant work is hard work for little pay, but I think it makes you tough as well. There’s a lot of ego you have to deal with from colleagues as well as customers, but I find I’m very agreeable and work to find solutions rather than linger on problems.

The work itself keeps you going as well. There’s always something that needs to be done and we don’t really get any breaks. You have to pace yourself, work efficiently and not let your station get out of control. I find life is a lot easier when everything is flowing nicely, so I work hard to keep my area cleared. Having studied Operations Management as one of my subjects makes me think about this a lot, with bottlenecks and work flow processes coming to mind. With hospitality, there’s also a service element to keep in mind which isn’t just minimizing the time from order placement to receipt, but also a human element towards the customer. I like doing this with people who order wine bottles. The whole process of uncorking the bottle and letting the customer taste the wine and subsequently pouring it makes me feel good as I can slow down my usual pace of working to let the customer enjoy the moment so I can too.

My roommate came back from a camper van trip around Europe recently. He experienced a lot being gone for 6-7 weeks having traveled with a friend who is on the way to becoming a professional musician, busking to finance part of their journey. That’s quite something. I’m very into the mindset of win-win situations; his victory is my victory, and I’m glad he got to experience so many cool things. We were hanging out late last night talking, playing Settlers of Catan with our other roommate too and jamming/chilling. Good times 🙂

There’s still so many things I want to do too, especially in terms of learning skills and developing talents. And setting up business. Now is my time. Now is my prime. Working hard for little cash makes me stay in the mindset of hustling for other income streams too. I like the hours I have now as I’m able to be somewhat be financially secure whilst still having time for myself to do my own things. I like the physicality of the work I’m doing as well as it connects to my primal roots. Combining this with Kung Fu is good for building my capacity. I want to do more Japanese martial arts as well like Aikido or Jiu Jitsu which is more like water, and helps me get in touch with other people’s energy. Kung Fu is more like fire, and combining the two is powerful as it allows for adaptation and flexibility in response.

After Cape Verde its going to be a guess to what I’ll do next. I really want to build my own mobile home. That’s been on my list for a while now. It doesn’t really matter where I build it as long as I have the space and time to do so. And hopefully I can salvage the parts I need from random places. I want to learn to kite surf as well and living near a beach to do so would be ideal. I’m starting to see a clearer picture of the lifestyle I want for myself. The journey towards it is another thing and the vision keeps evolving as well. I am ultimately responsible for my own life and my journey as a young adult is exciting as I feel like I’m able to create my own world, something I’ve always dreamed about as a kid. To shape my life the way I want, and enjoy the things I enjoy. The more mature you become, the less you start caring about what other people think and do the things you truly want. I constantly try to push the edge of my comfort zone as well, which includes putting myself into new social situations but also pushing my body to new limits.

As always, I’m thankful for everything around me and everything I have right now. Enjoying it while it lasts anyway. We’ll see what the future brings us but I intend to shape my own destiny. Stay strong and I’ll see you on the other side.

Peace and Love!

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