Work and Some Off Days

Another week filled with work. I had a total of 4 work days this week, being the designated driver at times as well. I’ve noticed an increase in my driving confidence. I still drive with 2 hands on the wheel because I like to be focused and in control. You’re still in a potential death trap and in a more dangerous situation than if you were swimming with sharks. I sometimes need help with navigating but for the rest I’m ok. 

I’ve started to appreciate off days more as well. Work is different from studying because when you’re done, you’re done and there’s nothing left simmering in your mind about it. This allows complete focus on relaxation or the side hustles you have going on in your off days. 

Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday were my off days. On Wednesday, I visited a potential permaculture client. This could get interesting if the financing for this will go through and could become my first paid project. Too much pro-bono work has gotten me not very commercially orientated but my client was very helpful in getting me to think more about my rates… Which I’ve figured out with an idea I took from ‘The $100 Startup’. I’m learning some basic html/css coding as well so I can design my own website later. For Seedsavers NL, we also need to work on a seed list which will probably use PHP… So it seems like I need to get some basic coding skills up and running. 

I was very social on my off days as well. Connecting with various people felt good and I’ll probably see some of them again soon. Some great moments and more to come. 

Thursday was a day focused on me. I had some magic truffels which I cleared the day for and it was quite a happy trip. I was very into my music and improvising on sounds and lyrics, testing the limits of my voice and laughing at my failures. The take away from this trip was to be thankful for everything around me and enjoy this life that was given to me. I sometimes felt very priviliged being in the position I am in, but there’s no point feeling guilty about it. Live your life, and do the best you can. That’s all anyone can ask for. 

Today was quite an easy free day where I spent most of it sleeping. Friday I worked until late and had to drive everyone home. By the time I was in bed, it was 5:00am and I had to wake up at 9:00am to pick up a rental car and drive to work again. My energy levels were fine throughout the day although on my off day today, I noticed my body wanting to sleep more so I did exactly that. During work, I also had to pee a ridiculous number of times, possibly having to do with toxins not being cleared during a good night’s sleep so having to find another way to disperse (is my theory). 

The days I’ve worked have also been relaxed. First time in the kitchen washing dishes was a breeze. Its more known for it being hell but I caught one of those rare days where people weren’t swarming in. The last day as barbacker was good as well. In the beginning there was a bit of pressure from lots of empty drinks coming in and standing there on my own but after 17:00 when backup arrived, it was a breeze. Even though my help had no experience barbacking, it was easy to outsource tasks so that the bar was always covered. There was also a live band performing which consisted of a tenor sax, a double bass and a rhythm guitar. They played some cool stuff. Since their wives worked fulltime, they didn’t have to worry about paying the bills with their performances either although they had three bookings for that week alone. Gave me ideas about how to finance my own music making 😏 

I’m working 6 days this week which is nice for cashing in a bit. I have to check my rest days as well though but its good to have this at the moment. Building a buffer and no expectations of longevity for the job. I’ll see where this takes me. As for now, ciao, and hope you’re having a good day. Peace! 

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