Magical Days

These are magical days. I’m lucky to be where I am. To have the opportunities that I have. Surrounded by people who inspire me and who in turn are inspired. Now is the time for me to make the push to make my dreams come true. 

I realized I have a fear of failure deep inside me. But that’s ok. It’s what I use to fuel myself as well. I feel that if I stand still too long, I stagnate, so I find ways to push myself by taking small but affirmative actions. 

I’m still learning more about permaculture. Its when you put things into practice that you start bumping into realities of situations. Spreading my investments keeps my motivation strong as when one thing doesn’t work out or grow, I still have other projects I can fall back on that still hang underneath the same umbrella of what I’m doing. Finding work as a waiter/bartender/cook also helps me stay afloat and is still relevant to what I want to achieve as hospitality is the connection between food and people. Also, if I ever want to start my own venture in (eco)tourism, it will also be relevant for that. 

I’m going to be preparing for a music performance together with Menno on the 8th of August which has to fill an hour. We’re going to need to practice for a bit 😛 

I’m not sure where I’m taking my music either. I’m not fully dedicated to it as I see it more as a side thing I enjoy doing, as I definitely enjoy acoustic jam sessions and meeting other musicians. But its also a great way to express my feelings without being overtly explicit by putting the meaning in between the lines. Music always seems to come back to me anyway. 

I’m exploring the area to the extent that I can. I like being productive during my travels so when I plan trips I want to have some purpose or at least work on something value generating. It’s good relaxing too though, and I tend to want to absorb as much as possible from my environment. I suppose exploration of an unknown culture has value generating aspects to myself and in turn this will eventually be translated outwards. 

Being anchored down in Rotterdam at the moment is not a bad thing. What I said about exploring still holds as there are places in Rotterdam I’ve only got to know as of this year. There are also new people in my life who have shown me new doors, and opened my mind up to what else is possible. I’ve also found people who are part of my creed that I probably wouldn’t have met if I didn’t choose to hold on to this city. 

Exploration is more a state of mind. Getting out of your comfort zone to experience something new and being open to change; that is travelling. Although picking up a backpack with a rag tag itinerary of where to go and what to do has its charm as well. Perhaps I’ll do another one of those with hybrid longboard and hitch hike travel, whilst WWOOFing and HelpXing. The future is wide open. 

Blogging is a great way for me to keep myself in check with my mission and vision. Looking back and connecting the dots will also have its value when I’m lying on my deathbed. Keep the end in mind, and be inspired to create the painting that is your life. Then work to make it happen. 

I’ve been organizing my tasks as well by using a web based application called Trello. It makes delegating tasks much easier if I want to work with other people and if others are willing to work with me. Getting an oversight of everything is a good idea anyway as this brings peace to the mind by allowing a better focus, and taking baby steps necessary to get that much closer towards reaching goals and achieving the vision. 

I’m off to check off some of these boxes though, so this shall be the end of this post. Hope you’re having a good day and see you on the otherside. 

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