Life After Graduation

Since I probably won’t have time this weekend to post a blog, here’s a midweek one in anticipation of that. 

I was talking about increasing income streams in my last blog which succeeded on the first day by contacting my outsourcing agency about activating my account and asking about potential jobs that week. Turns out they needed someone with a driving license to help out in a festival in Belgium (the Afro Latino festival), and help setup and provide kitchen support. I’ll take it! I have to pick up a rental car early Friday morning then drive to Belgium with a car full of people. Should be fine. We’ll be sleeping in tents and taste a bit of festival life until the end of Sunday which sounds good to me. 

Other than that, I’ve been looking into expanding permaculture design capabilities with the use of waste streams to be reused productively. My focus at the moment is towards pallets, and making stuff out of that. I might’ve found some contacts for this as I was at a barbecue yesterday with people in the zero-waste scene. 

My neighbors are also looking at space we can use to expand operations. I’m in need of a workspace where I can experiment with permaculture techniques and make a bit of a mess with pallets and (mushroom) grow bags and they’re looking at having an office closer to home and potentially renting out the vacant space to other entrepreneurs and artists. 

I’ve been hanging around with my neighbors a lot lately, doing a lot of sharing. We’ve been eating together often, and now I’m also starting to sport with them, playing basketball, doing yoga and teaching my Kung Fu routine. We’ve also been watching some of my Geoff Lawton permaculture DVDs together since they’re also interested in knowing more about this and there’s a nice symbiosis going on I feel. 

It’s all coming together. I think its good to be working in hospitality/tourism/food as it contributes towards my end goal of having some sort of eco-resort or B&B or Permaculture Research Institute dedicated to education/recreation/relaxation. Where that will be is another matter but for now I’d be happy with WWOOFing to figure out what I want and learn different ways of running an organic farm. I also figure that this is a more sustainable and cultured way to travel as its slow and you’re actually putting energy into your environment to improve it and get to know it on a deeper level. 

I’m in the phases of planning a eurotrip at the moment. I’ve been thinking about hitch hiking but also taking advantage of an interrail ticket which is significantly cheaper for those 25 and under. I probably want to go back to Thailand and see more of Asia at some point but before I do, I want to take in a good chunk of Europe. The idea just occurred to me of staying on a farm for a long time (Scandinavia perhaps?) then doing an interrail trip to close that off and go back home. ‘Going back home’ is also an interesting concept since I tend to think that I take my home with me wherever I go. But we shall see. If opportunities in Cape Verde go ahead that could get interesting too. Maybe I can combine things. 

Its fun dreaming about these ideas and planning my future as new opportunities come along. I’m quite happy living where I am at the moment because of the people and communities around me. That’s one thing I like about this city, and the main appeal of cities in general. 

Rotterdam specifically is great for me because of cheap accommodation, scenic bike paths along the Maas for some sweet longboarding, and plenty of open space and peace. Its kind of like Melbourne, only Dutch in the way of its weather and landscape. Both cities are cultural melting pots and brewing places for artists and entrepreneurs. Having travelled, I’ve also come to appreciate more what the city has to offer me, which is a home when it comes down to it. 

Even though I was talking about taking my home with me wherever I go, I know what its like to be homeless too. My homeless experience last year has given me more sympathy for people who really don’t have anywhere to go, but also an appreciation of a different way of life. A nomadic lifestyle still appeals to me very much but perhaps I could raise the living standards from a tent to something like a house on wheels. It’s a working progress, and also something I need space for to develop. Perhaps if I find a farm I want to stay on for a longer term I could commence resource accummulation and the construction of such a vessel. 

I’ll be going to Amsterdam today to meet with some people and I’ll be doing my Kung Fu routine with my neighbor again this morning. Its now 3:32AM and I decided to write a blog because I’m just pumping with energy at the moment. I’ll probably do some more organizing after this so I can enhance my flow. That’s probably it for my writing for now so I hope to be checking again next week for updates.

Have a great day 😄

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  1. joukep says:

    Drive safe and enjoy Belgium!

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