Distance Skating and Personal Development

Its been a while since I’ve properly distance skated. Nevertheless, I decided to take it up with the big boys in the scene so that I’d have the opportunity to see them skate and compete with them somewhat. I came in 5th with a time of 51m49s for the half-marathon skate I did today. 1st, 2nd and 3rd were close calls with times around the 48min mark. Respect for the athleticism of these guys. 

I still enjoyed killing myself skating in these rounds. Its funny where your mind goes during these kind of events. I found my mind often wandered to ‘hey lets stop somewhere and have a break’ although another part of me knew that I’d probably be more depressed if I stopped than if I gave it my all…. so I gave it my all and focused on sustaining the movements of my legs, taking long big strides and breathing in plenty of oxygen. 

Its the feeling of testing yourself out there that I’m drawn to with these skate events. The distance skating community itself is also quite tight because its such a niche sport that we practice and there’s only a handful of crazy people that do it. I’m also honored to be skating amongst the best of the best, with positions 1, 2, 3 all having some kind of distance skate record. 

I notice that the sport has come to have more of a meaning of cooperation rather competition to me. Sure I want to win and compete for better times, but I also realize its more than that. Its about the people as well. Ultraskating is a big example of how cooperation is essential within the community. Thats how they rode the new record anyway. Cooperation within competition. 

Even today, the 3 leaders rode with each other all the way making use of each other’s drafts especially when the wind picked up. Perhaps unintentional cooperation but it still exists. The extra pressure of someone just in front of you or someone on your heels definitely also motivates you. Especially if you’re not aiming for a certain time and just skating to see where it goes… Like me today. 

I’m not sure where this sport will take me since I’m in need of new gear but I want to create some sort of income stream for myself before I make new purchases. Having just graduated puts me in an interesting position of free flight… but I better start flapping those wings if I don’t want my nose to hit the ground. 

My coming week wil be focussed on creating more income flows whilst working on expanding my ability to deliver value in the form of permaculture designed spaces. I’ll have to keep learning and keep exploring; keep doing and taking action. Its not a straight path ahead of me but we’ll get there when the pieces fall into place. One step at a time. Although sometimes a big leap of faith might take me to places I never dreamed of. Who knows where I’ll be in the coming months. For now, I’m sitting tight, enjoying the summer and and preparing for what’s to come. It might not be easy, but I’m willing to fight for what I want. Following my heart and coaching myself to push harder and better… Sounds like skating to me 😉 

Until next time! 

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3 Responses to Distance Skating and Personal Development

  1. Kai Postma says:

    It is very nice to read and know things from you. Keep doing and thinking.

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