A New Beginning

It’s been a while since my last blog. Partly due to exam preparations, partly due to other factors. I still write but more for personal use as I feel that my blog sometimes lacks in useful value to other people. It would be good if I could elaborate on a specific topic but at the moment, reflecting on myself has value to my family and friends I suppose. 

I came back from Portugal on Friday having spent about a week in the Azores (Faial) and 2 nights in Lisbon. I felt my stay there was too short as I wanted to explore more of the country. I felt like I didn’t spend enough time away from Holland to miss it as much as I would’ve liked to… At least that was my feeling coming in for landing in Schiphol. 

I took the train back to Rotterdam as I still had free student travel. Coming home was a breeze. Caught up a bit with my roommates and chilled with my neighbors on the balcony eating tapas and drinking Portuguese beer… Its like I never even left Portugal 😊 my neighbor also showed me some kitesurfing videos which got me super stoked to go do this too. But maybe I’d need to live in another location for it. 

I got invited to a party at WORM by them as well that day, as they were able to get hold of another ticket for me which was pretty sweet. Really cool live band that night and some sweet DJ sets. And some nice people that I met 😉 Opening myself up more to new connections has also contributed to more returns I get from others. The more you give and risk, the more you receive. Trusting the feeling and letting go of fear to experiences outside of my comfort zone has been rewarding and enlightening. 

I feel the summer vibes are starting to pick up. There’s lots of love and laughter around me and I’m actually glad to be where I am right now. I feel like now is the time to undertake new projects and taking action to achieve what I want. Getting clear about what I want is something I’m testing out as well, and I’m easing my way forwards. Sometimes its necessary to make that extra push, which comes back to risking more and giving more of myself. I’m glad I have good people around me to help me grow and who I can confide and share my journey with. Its been really good opening myself up more and allowing myself to trust in the people around me. Even though that also leaves me open to manipulation, I find the benefits outweigh the consequences. I also feel that as long as I follow my own path and my own thematic interests, I should be pretty resistant to manipulation as my drive comes from within, although this is also influenced from without. 

Vice versa, I also notice my own ability to influence and shape my environment which is sometimes very powerful. I feel responsible for the consequences of my actions and constantly question whether what I do fits my moral philosophy. I think honesty and communication is a key concept towards moral behavior, as this promotes mutually beneficial relationships. Win-win or no deal. Making the offer in the first place also takes initiative and practice but I feel like I’m getting better and becoming more open/aware of the possiblities. 

I have to see what I’ll do in the coming month. I hope to be working a bit and experimenting with a business concept I have in mind, but I also want to make the most of my free travel card and other student benefits until that ends. Going to enjoy and experience this summer to the fullest anyway and looking forward to unleashing my newfound independence to be able to work more interdependly on greater things. Here I come! 

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