Freewrite 11th of May 2015

Here’s a quick blog just because I need to get the discipline back and pump out blogs. Sometimes words are all that’s needed and I could leave another channel dedicated to images. Or integrate the two. Depends.

This is just going to be another free writing session because I’m not sure where to begin. I did a fair amount of work today by finishing my Financial Accounting exercises way early and having started on my SCM assignment case now too (deadline May 18th). It’s about managing the Supply Chain of NFL Reebok jerseys.

I really need a break in between studies however so luckily I have plenty of things to do. I spent some time cleaning the balcony and creating a new structure so rainwater gets directed more efficiently. Ideally, I’d like a water catchment system, but this works for now to keep the water away from my wood pile.

I started looking into working on a garden a bit closer to my home. On the ground floor of where I live, a new shop owner has been renovating and preparing the shop for a comic book store… interesting coincidence with our superhero themed party recently before and the fact that I emailed the landlord about the empty shop downstairs (which has been sitting empty for 2 years or something). The shop is connected to a garden at the back where the owners have no plan for and I can potentially develop something. I still have to talk to them. My neighbors have been putting in a good word for me however. It somehow feels that everything can grow out of the garden, including some of the other ideas that my artist friends have. It’s happening 🙂

When it comes to developing my business idea, its centered a lot around me working… but I got to find a way to create a system that’s going to work for me passively. Part of that idea is growing plants, possibly holding a few chickens, and letting nature do my dirty work. That’s part of the bigger picture that I want to create which is essentially an Eco-resort, focused around education, relaxation and recreation… perhaps even a bit of rehabilitation from the mass consumer culture we sometimes find ourselves in. Its going to take work to set such a system up, but I hope to be yielding the fruits of my labor once I’ve planted my seeds and grown my trees. Literally and figuratively. It’s about planning my own retirement.

In between, there’s plenty more adventure to experience. There’s a lot of uncertainty in my future at the moment but the pieces seem to be falling together. I keep doing the things I want to do and I’m enjoying the journey, wherever it takes me. After my study, I’ll have to focus a lot harder on survival as the artificial income generated through that will close. But it should be doable without having to break my back for cash. The plan is to build up in Rotterdam and expand from here.

I love the community around me. It’s what makes this place the way it is. I’m glad there’s people around me to help me think outside the box. We’re all very different, but that makes us working together strong too. It’s good to have a place for myself as I really need that independence. I still want to travel though, so perhaps I’ll find a way to rent out my room temporarily while I’m away but stay registered on the address. Thinking about WWOOFing, doing an extended roadtrip or finding a way to combine both. We shall see.

As for now, I’m going to get back to school or talk to the people outside so see you next week!

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