King’s Day and Beyond

King’s Day was good 🙂 I joined my roommate for a bit of a King’s night at Beurs and Thalia which was a good experience for me, as it showed a side of me that I’d lost touch with; I haven’t gone out like that in a while and its good for me to explore the edges of my world here in Rotterdam. I was wearing my orange morph suit which people had their opinions about.

IMG_4002 IMG_4004

IMG_4021 IMG_4022

There actually weren’t that many people wearing orange. I guess people don’t feel so nationalistic here in Rotterdam compared to the Hague and Amsterdam.

On King’s Day itself, there was a lot more orange and Dutch flags. I stayed in Rotterdam and chilled a bit with my neighbor before heading out to explore the city. I was skating around in my morph suit, looking around for some cool places. At the Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam, I found a place with some cool musicians so I got out my poi and started dancing a bit. I switched locations after a while, moving towards the center where there was an African street drummer playing who I also started poi dancing next to. The drummer seemed to appreciate it as well as the crowd. I didn’t expect him to stop playing after I stopped doing my poi show. I could’ve taken the time to talk to him but well.

I slowly headed back to homebase after this, mostly looking for something to eat along the way since food was really the only thing I wanted to buy. The Nieuwe Binnenweg was actually quite festive, almost just as how I know how it is in Amsterdam. The morph suit also always attracts attention with smiles, or people wanting to take pictures with me. The reason I wear a morphsuit because I want to test the boundaries of trying something different. I’m not really looking for attention, although that is usually the resulting outcome.

I ended up skating close to home, but stopped at the Cape Verdean joint next to my house for some food. I had some Cachupa, which is apparently the most cultural dish from there. It looks a bit like this:

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It’s basically slow cooked corn and beans with some chorizo sausage and a fried egg or two. It was pretty filling. My neighbors were really proud and impressed that I tried their national dish for the first time when I told them what I had for lunch. I chilled at my neighbor’s pretty much for the rest of the day. We made some kind of houmous concoction for dinner, which didn’t work out as planned, but still tasted pretty good. It was really fun cooking, singing and chilling in the kitchen.

I’ve really been starting to feel more of a sense of community around me. I’ve been eating next door a lot lately because my neighbors know the importance of good food, which I appreciate as well, but don’t always have the tenacity to follow up on. My focus is more on sourcing good ingredients rather than cooking fancy meals, as I take a quick and easy approach to cooking. They also have a great sense of style, music and culture being surrounded by lots of creative individuals and being very open to making new connections. Since you are the average of the people you hang out most with, starting to hang out with my neighbors has had a positive effect on me.

I feel very aligned with the people here. We’re now also starting to figure out how we can turn the empty shop front downstairs of our houses into something that can potentially turn a profit. It started out with me exploring what I can do with the garden downstairs from my balcony, and now I got everyone else excited about doing something with the shop that belongs to the garden if we can get access to it. I have to wait until the landlord gets back from vacation to contact them about this but I’m looking forward to the potential for growth in my own backyard. Literally and figuratively.

I’ve been diversifying my skill set as well, or at least making the most of perceived opportunities and rolling with what I have. Permaculture is not just about growing food. It’s about looking at a life system and designing it in a way to harvest the most yields, for the least inputs, and collaborating and integrating different life elements to create synergistic results. It’s about sustainability and reducing or eliminating waste streams. Sustainability should be about having fun as well, because if you’re not having fun, its not sustainable.

I’ve had many opportunities around me to do things that I like putting energy into. Writing a business plan for Stichting Energieschip has been good as its giving me practice with consulting and creating new business, and being tickled to think outside of the box. Being active with Liber Artista has been good because of the positive vibes, good music and the community. We get along well 😉


I have to also make sure that I keep following my own dreams and vision. I feel that I can integrate other people’s projects into my ideas as well and cooperate to create something bigger than I can do alone. We’ll get there. Life’s a bit of a maze sometimes, but its better to a be a bit uncomfortable and juxtaposed than to be comfortably sedentary for too long.

Go find the cheese. Sniff and scurry. Keep moving, keep grooving and I’ll see you next week 😉

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