The ADM and General Ramblings Because It’s Just Too Much

Getting a bit laggy with blogs. A lot’s been happening. Inside and outside. I like being where I am though, and I’m grateful for everything. It’s been really intense connecting with people on all sorts of levels. Both business and personal, and combining the two wherever I can.

A significant event for me last week was a chance visit at the ADM in Amsterdam. If you ever played Gears of War you’ll be familiar with the Stranded; or basically anyone that’s survived the apocalypse. Well, the ADM is basically a Stranded fortress.


About 150 people are living there at the moment, with a lot straddlers living on the outside of it. There’s a lot more sketchiness happening with the straddlers which is also why there’s a big gate separating the two cultures. The ADM people are more long term settlers, some having lived here for over 20 years.

DSCI0961 DSCI0962 DSCI0965 DSCI0966

The idea for most people here is to live an alternative lifestyle, with many artists and craftsmen finding a space here, building their own homes out of used trailers, buses, boats and whatever they can find really, mostly finding a way to transform waste into something useful. They seem to be conscious about their own ecological impacts, but they seem to find the means to support themselves as well as this Tesla powered by a wind turbine shows:


I was visiting because I wanted to meet with the Seedsavers NL people and ended up touring the location to see a side of Amsterdam I wasn’t too familiar with.

This was only one of the events that I encountered last week. I had many interesting things happen to me lately regarding new opportunities for growth. The ADM just happened to be the thing I took pictures of so felt like I had to exhaust the pictures somewhere. I’ll just keep it general because its just too much (in a good way!). Some things I also just like to keep for myself.

I feel like I’m on a good path though. I sense opportunities for business, I feel organized and on-track with my studies, I’m diving further in the world of food, sustainability, agriculture and tourism (I guess you could call it?), feeling my way forwards whilst following my heart, and using my head to get there. I’m really focusing on projecting love all around me and I’ve seen it transform my environment, creating new possibilities. Every now and then, I get hints of where my path lies, and I’ve grown more accustomed to choosing the path that suits me, becoming freer of the opinion of others but still taking their ideas into account.

People are an interesting bunch of mammals. Everyone can teach you something by their own example. Karma is reflected by the results gained from people’s lives. I just really have a belief that whatever you put out in the world is going to come back to you in one form or another as its there to teach you a lesson. Action reaction. So I’d say, act with truth, love and power to change this world for the better.

And happy 4-20.


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2 Responses to The ADM and General Ramblings Because It’s Just Too Much

  1. joukep says:

    Nice pictures! Seems spring (summer?) is in the air. Wouldn’t mind living in one of the buses. Pretty cool!
    I see a very old garbage bin in front of the camper. We are talking about old old 🙂

    • iemke postma says:

      Yeah, I should try to take some more pictures 🙂 There’s definitely something springy going on 😛 yeah, buses, boats, containers, all very practical. Yeah. We have a garbage bin like that at home 😛

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