I just have to post a quick blog about lectures.

I don’t understand why some lecturers think they can stretch the attention span of a human being for longer than 20 minutes, especially with little to no interaction. Lecture hours of 45 minutes and 15 minute breaks are really pushing the attention span of students in them. I subsequently then don’t understand why some lecturers think they can go on for another 30 minutes over the regular 45 minutes without a break, and expect the information transacted to be received in a well informed state. I look around me, and I see people totally disconnected to what’s happening at the front. The only reason that they’re here is because there’s a timetable that says they have to be there, so they show up.

I get a little bit frustrated sometimes.

I must say that my Financial Accounting lectures are actually ok. The lecturer is aware when people have lost her and makes a joke about it. She’s also very orderly and straight about what she’s teaching, and is apparently a lot better than her School of Economics counterpart according to one of my fellow students at the economics faculty who decided to drop in on the School of Management lectures to receive better education.

I must say I contribute a significant proportion in all of my classes by asking and answering questions. I make it a challenge for myself as well. I secretly enjoy accounting because I like understanding ‘the language of business’ and the mechanics behind income statements, equity statements, the balance sheet and cash flow statements. It’s quite sensitive information and useful for business analysis. Perhaps this can also be integrated into a permaculture style ‘energy accounting’ by looking at the inputs and outputs of a holistic system, and translating this into financial terms. For example, in the case of some industrial farms that exist, 5 calories of energy input translates to 1 calorie of food output. In systems that apply more permaculture style techniques, the inverse becomes true (according to a documentary I watched about food production in Cuba). Putting the numbers out there can help change minds and increase flows of capital investments in sustainable futures.

I’m still set on not doing a Masters next year though. I want to explore more in the world without limiting my field of vision to what I have to pass an exam for. I’ll keep learning and educating myself but without the shell of an institution to contain me. I’ll milk the resources I have access to right now to give myself a jump start to when the world is going to change for me, which it should after I graduate in a couple of months. See you on the otherside šŸ˜‰

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