Just went for a bit of a walk around my neighborhood. Its nice exploring the area. There’s actually a lot to be discovered right out of my doorstep. I had to get out of my head with my philosophical meanderings, although I did start reading the Blue Economy by Gunter Pauli because I didn’t know what else to do with myself in that moment.

I want to start hosting my first workshop in permaculture soon. I think I’ll test it out on my roommates to see if it’ll be any good and then hopefully monetize it through my marketing channels… which I could expand upon as well.

I was thinking about having a mentor to guide me through this process, but I realize that my mentors are all around me. I just have to get better at communicating my thoughts and intentions to the rest of the world.

I hem and haw sometimes. Being aware of my emotions and understanding the root of my feelings has been helpful to some extent. At least I can laugh at my failures. But the point is to sniff and scurry. Smell the cheese, and anticipate change. Move quickly, and if you hit a dead end, that’s fine; at least you know that’s a dead end.

You only regret the risks you didn’t take. Remember that.

I feel that writing about it is at least somewhat productive and helping me in my progress of self actualization. At least I can hit a roadblock and note them down so that hopefully next time, I’ll be inclined to make a better decision.

I’m glad that there’s a tomorrow and that new opportunities await, especially since I’ll be starting school again. I’m ready. We’ll see where this takes me 🙂

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