Directions of my being

I feel like I’m getting a clearer idea of the direction I want to go, although it’s still just trial and error. That goes for pretty much everything I’m into right now from my relationship development to my permaculture projects. Fail early and fail often as long as you keep trying and keep learning. Sometimes it’s easier to figure out what you don’t want by diving into it.

More research on Permaculture projects

Speaking of diving, I’ve been interested in enhancing my knowledge and experimentation with aquaculture. I see potential in creating habitats on the edges of bodies of water to increase biodiversity and possibly harvest a yield in the form of sea plants and animals. For example, creating a body of aquatic grass within ports so these can be directly harvested or host animal species. I haven’t looked further into this, but it could be interesting. I was also thinking about finding out more about business cases for Permaculture/Biodynamic farms in order to see the potential of convincing banks, investment angels or anyone else (crowdsourcing?) to invest in these SMEs. Permaculture farms should not require subsidies to stay afloat (if it’s a well functioning farm) unlike, for example, the industrial GMO corn farmers who only makes losses in the duration of their operation and would be non-existent without subsidy support. I would want to prove the ecological, social and economical implications of a permaculture/biodynamic operation.

Coming up with research questions like these, I’ve been considering what my options would be if I did this research under the cover of an institution. A friend of mine is looking to start a Masters next academic year and most of my colleagues from my BSc have taken that road. However, for myself, I think it would be good for me to try my luck with my own projects after my BSc rather than latch myself to a Master too quickly. The time I have now is the time to do my own thing. It’s about figuring out how I fit in as a piece of the puzzle.

Most of the stuff I’ve been doing in this field has been really practical garden work. This helps my social networks a lot as well and gives me a chance to see inside other people’s organization in the field of my interest. Volunteering again tomorrow at Uit Je Eigen Stad and picked up a full bag of groceries for free at their weekend market because I’m a volunteer… which is pretty cool. I feel there’s a lot of potential at this site for experimentation with what I want. If I could WWOOF here for example… that could get interesting in terms of experimenting with my life after my Bachelor.

Relationship development

I mentioned relationship development as well… which a friend of mine pointed out to me I don’t talk much about in my blog. I suppose that’s because it’s a more intimate part of myself that I find harder to express. What I will say however that seizing opportunities as they come, and rising above yourself to follow through… that’s been good for me. My biggest fears are usually in the context of other people, which is why striving to go towards the edge of my comfort zone in this field will help me grow as an individual. Picking up the phone and calling people is something I’ve started doing a lot more because the intimacy is much higher than a simple text and you tend to get a direct answer. Run towards your fears as fast as you’d run towards something you love.

Shaolin Workout

On Sunday, I finished the 28-day Shaolin Workout by Shifu Shi Yan Ming for the first time in my life. Before I would always get injured and lose motivation. I got injured this time as well, but to a lesser extent than before because I’ve taught myself not to push so far, and be comfortable with the movements first before I start putting more energy into them. I would like to see if I could combine what I know of Shaolin Kung Fu in a gardening workshop so that people are aware of their body and posture more when doing gardening work or anything else. Its helped me anyhow.

I’ve been pretty good with my discipline so far, having caught up fully with my MOOC, being on a 62 day streak of practicing Portuguese on Duolingo and, as mentioned, completing my Shaolin workout. My mind’s still split between a lot of things but I just roll with it and go, although I do make sure that I create habits that empower me and enrich my life. I can only take action within myself and tomorrow will be another day to do so.

Until next time.

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3 Responses to Directions of my being

  1. joukep says:

    Picking up the phone and calling people… We’ll see about that 🙂

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