Another week goes by

Another week, another challenge. The most significant thing I did this week was work at my new volunteer job and get to know more about the commercialization of city farming. Its interesting to work with all the different systems they have there. As a volunteer I can really take a look behind the screens of such an organization which is really great experience. I’m doing a lot of practical work here which is a nice contrast to other theoretical things I’m doing such as studying the MOOC on Ecosystem Disaster Risk Reduction by the UNEP and Cologne University. At the end of this month I’ll be starting school again at the Erasmus University to finish off the last 2 courses of my Bachelor… which should really be doable since I’m back in the city, I don’t have to worry about the ground being swept away from under my feet and I’ve had time to clear my head and create a sense of stability in everything I’m pursuing. I’m ready.

I just got a call from another potential Permablitz client who is looking for transformation in a part of a garden she has. It’s exciting to see people being interested in this without me having to push anything on to them, which is a nice contrast to my previous door-to-door sales experience. I feel that if I get my act together on this, I could find a way to finance this ship for myself as well. I’m slowly making progress. I really just need to find my networks and create some foundations on how to operate my project in the most basic way. I think once I’ve established a path on how to operate with my first client, the following clients will be much easier because I’m no longer working from scratch, and I’ll have a method for myself to work with. Before this thing really lifts off however, I need to finance my cost of living in the city which means I’m looking at getting a waiter job somewhere…

I’m supposed to start at an employment agency specialized in sending out waiters/bartenders, but I haven’t heard back from them in a while which has got me slightly concerned… I might start looking elsewhere if I don’t hear from them next week. I think I’m done trying to look for a job in sales though because it really isn’t my culture. Maybe a job with a sales element would be fine, but pure sales is too money orientated. You kind of have to be a shark if you want to do this kind of work. I think I’m more of a dolphin. Restaurant/hotel work will be more my style since that is where my empathy can actually be put to some use.

The coming week I’ll be doing more gardening things and am also going to pursue more income generating activities to stay afloat. We’ll see where this path takes me. As for now, I’m off and I’ll see you on the otherside. Ciao!


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