Rotterdam-Eindhoven Bike Trip, Food Production, Music, Scuba Dive Training and Realizing the Vision

The most interesting thing that’s happened to me this week is probably my 100km+ Bike trip from Rotterdam to Eindhoven this weekend. I went with 2 friends of mine as we were also planning to check out a longboard event the next day (So You Think You Can Longboard Dance). It was an interesting trip to say the least. Going through the countryside you realize how our land is organized and what kind of power structures exist; in terms of how our food is produced, the way we produce energy and the infrastructure that’s in place to follow through on an agenda crafted by those in power. I felt like I was on my own version of ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ with our encounters and all the twists and turns in the road. It was definitely a bonding experience for me and my fellow trippers. 

At first I was planning to skate the distance but in the end, I was able to borrow a bike from a friend. I’m kind of glad that I could. I would have probably been a lot more wrecked otherwise. With better weather, skating might be good, but I like the comfort and steadiness of biking as well. I should probably get a better seat next time however… My butt didn’t really appreciate it. My body felt fine though; I felt like I could’ve handled much more physically. 

Another significant thing that happened in the past week is also my new volunteer position at ‘Uit Je Eigen Stad’, a restaurant that produces its own food. At least part of it. They’ve got a lot of it interesting systems to work with such as numerous polytunnels, a chicken house, a mushroom growroom, and an aquaponic system with Tilapia and Catfish which feed into a large pond for hydroponically grown lettuce and other nursery crops. As a volunteer I get free lunch and a discount on everything they sell there. I’ll be curious to work here as I think there’s a lot for me to learn. The organization strives to be a commercial enterprise with idealistic visions from those within. The challenge is always to bridge the gap between ideals and reality which I’m looking for myself as well. Sometimes one has to compromise to stay afloat, but we should all be tightening the ongoing processes as we go along. Kind of like a Kaizen approach. My first official workday is on Thursday. 

Other than gardening things I could further expand upon, I’ve also been working on my music. Went to another open mic session on monday and played 2 originals. I think I’m getting better at writing music. Getting some decent recording equipment would help me further experiment with my music. I think that even a MacBook has decent enough built in audio recording hardware to meet my needs. I was thinking of otherwise investing in a microphone for some basic recording capabilities. A loopstation would be the next big purchase after that since that would allow me to make use of my multi-instrumentalism in a performance. A basic microphone shouldn’t cost much though, so I might look into that soon. 

One last thing I was thinking of saving up for was a PADI Rescue Diver course since it’d be cool to take that to the next level. Perhaps I could work towards becoming an instructor so I can get a cool part time job anywhere in the world. There’s a cool dive shop in Rotterdam as well so maybe when I save up enough I’ll take a course with those guys. 

I figure that as long as I reflect what I want out into the universe, the cogs might start to move in the direction that will facilitate it. Gunning on the ‘Law of Attraction’ working here. Either way, it also helps me get clear of what I want and see patterns emerge from my own behavior. Its my habits that will shape the destiny of my character… Which is why I also try out new behaviors to experiment with feedback from the universe. I’ve restarted my Kung Fu again and am now on a 40 days+ streak on learning Portugese with Duolingo. My mornings are my most productive times, so I have to channel that energy towards myself to the extent that I can in order for me to grow. An investment in myself will hopefully reflect onto my environment by attracting more positive people and inspiring others to follow their dreams. Lets see if I can craft some powerful habits while my young mind is still malleable. Now is the time. 

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