9 things that struck me recently

A bit late on this post but better late than never.

I’ve had some interesting times in the last days. I’m not sure how much I should share but lets just say that I was reborn again this weekend. My follow through actions from my experience has also proved to be an unpredictable but joyful ride. I like where this is going anyway. I feel good about the way I’m progressing and how I’ve stumbled across obstacles that I’ve learned to overcome or let go of. Here are 9 things that struck me recently:

1. The real enemy you’re fighting comes from within. That also happens to be where your best friend resides. Learning how to conquer your inner demons with love is how I’ve found my way forwards.

2. Always ask questions. Seek to understand your environment and those around you. Find out what is true for you. Inside yourself you already know the answer… you just need to uncover it and vocalize your understanding.

3. Be brave and face your fears. Step outside of your comfort zone. Your world will become bigger and you will be rewarded for it with experience and growth.

4. Reach out to others. Whether strangers, friends or family, take the opportunity to make others feel good. Acknowledge people through direct eye contact and positive physical connections like good handshakes, long hugs and playful touch. Love knows no boundaries. Embrace those you walk amongst and let go with love those who no longer serve you.

5. Build habits centered around your goals and dreams. If your actions towards your ambitions become automatic, its only a matter of time before you reach the 10,000 hour mark and master your game.

6. Meditate, stretch and play. There’s a close connection between the state of your mind and the state of your body and we should strive to condition both. The fitter we are, the better able we are to meet the demands of our environment.

7. Stay relaxed. Whatever challenge it is you’re dealing with, tensing up and stressing is usually not going to help you in any way. Don’t forget to breath.

8. Take your time. Progress is like boring a hole in stone with a constant drip of water. A disciplined tortoise approach is usually a better a strategy than a rushed hare. Patience is a virtue.

9. Enjoy the ride. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, then stop, change your approach, and try again.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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