Sowing My Seeds In Rotterdam

Rotterdam is shaping me more than I’ve expected. Getting some roots here and establishing myself with some communities have made me question more what this city can mean for me. There’s this quote on my street which reads “de omgeving van de mens is de medemens” which translated means “the environment of man is our neighbour” and that’s something that really resonates with me and with this city.

At the moment, my strategy is survival. I need some kind of income to be able to afford rent which means getting a job for now. I’ve got 2 application interviews this week which should be able to help me secure some kind of cash flow for myself so I’ll have some breathing room at least.

I’ve been doing a lot of garden work lately. I’ve been to a bunch of different gardens in the past week and have been able to set up my own project in 2 locations. I’m looking forward to what will be possible in the coming months and hope to be able to direct more resources in the direction that I would like to see things grow. Following this path has taught me a lot of things about people, my environment and my own abilities. It feels good to be where I am.

Saturday, I also went to a Meetup for people interested in board games. That was a lot of fun as we played several different games, where most of them were new for me. I won at least once with every single game type we played although its more that I remember the laughs and the banter. Not that I don’t care about winning though 😛 It was a great group to play with since it was very diverse in various ways, although everyone having done some sort of higher education…which makes the competition good I suppose 🙂 I think next time it will be even better since we now have a feel for the different people in the group. Especially with this game called “de mol” in which players have to find out who is a double-agent in order to prevent them from sabotaging missions. I feel like I’m good at reading people, bluffing and redirecting attention so this game really fits right up my alley. It’s kind of like ‘wearwolves’ if you’ve ever played that game. Once I get an income I’d really also like to join a sportsclub since I like to play games not just on tabletops, but also on court or on the matts. We’ll see what we can do.

It’s good setting up base here. I wouldn’t mind moving abroad again for a couple of months, but I feel like what I’m building here will be useful for a long time. You reap what you sow; literally in my case. There’s a thing to be said about valuing relationships over transactions too. My next move will be towards a mobile home of some sorts, at least, I’ve been pondering that idea for a long time. That way I can move where I’m needed for permaculture projects and really have a home that I can fall back on and invest in with a skin and bones budget. I value my independence and that seems like a way for me to keep it.

That’s all for now! I was going to do a midweek blog but a blog a week is now just part of my routine and I’ll save whatever I have to say until blog day. Not a huge essay this week either but will probably have some more updates next week. Ciao!

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