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Rotterdam-Eindhoven Bike Trip, Food Production, Music, Scuba Dive Training and Realizing the Vision

The most interesting thing that’s happened to me this week is probably my 100km+ Bike trip from Rotterdam to Eindhoven this weekend. I went with 2 friends of mine as we were also planning to check out a longboard event … Continue reading

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9 things that struck me recently

A bit late on this post but better late than never. I’ve had some interesting times in the last days. I’m not sure how much I should share but lets just say that I was reborn again this weekend. My … Continue reading

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Weekend in Amsterdam and Interactions

So I spent the weekend in Amsterdam because I had seed saving business and I also wanted to check my storage for work shoes and a board game that’s lost somewhere. Unfortunately I left my keys in Rotterdam so that … Continue reading

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Sowing My Seeds In Rotterdam

Rotterdam is shaping me more than I’ve expected. Getting some┬ároots here and establishing myself with some communities have made me question more what this city can mean for me. There’s this quote on my street which reads “de omgeving van … Continue reading

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