Short Update

So I had my first permablitz meetup yesterday. In total 5 people showed up (6 including me) and I presented my plan for how I wanted to approach permaculture within the community. At the moment, I’m just looking for projects to work on so I can enlarge my portfolio and get good at my design skills. Transactions are secondary over relationships. It’s good that I found a group of people to work together with and potentially develop ideas further. I’ll be contacting them soon again for a check up.

I’m working on habit building. I went out to the garden this morning (the ‘Vredestuin’ this time) and felt refreshed working there. There was no food however so there was no incentive for me to stay until the end; I can’t work on an empty stomach and I need to ‘harvest a yield’ in the broadest sense of the permaculture principle. At least I made another connection for a potential permablitz host and had a nice workout in the garden shoveling and wheelbarrowing wood chips.

I applied to a Thai restaurant to see if my half-Thai factor would be able to leverage a position. I still need to amp up the job hunt however. Going to figure out about creating other money streams tomorrow.

I’ve been doing a lot more meditation recently. Partly because I need it as well since my mind is all over the place and it helps me keep a reign on my feelings. It’s actually helped me sleep better.

I was reading some of my older blogs as well. Old blogs are golden. Its really interesting to see my own state of mind in a younger me. I can relate a lot to younger me… which shouldn’t really come as a surprise 😛 I remember that at the time it sometimes feels I’m just writing words from the top of my head without any sense of the value of it. I’m probably underestimating the value of this blog as well, but looking at this 10 years from now must be interesting, as I’d be able to connect the dots to see how my journey has progressed.

I keep learning and expanding my mind. I’ve felt my energy increase when I put my faith into a higher power, although hesitations and decisions are still something that boggle my mind.

I’m going to keep this blog short because I really want to focus on action right now rather than reflection. I want to make the next steps but I need to get some rest as well. We shall see where this road takes us… maybe I’ll do a mid-week blog since this was quite a short one. But that’s it for now! See you next week 😉

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