Marijuana, Income and Habits

Marijuana and other illegal plants

In the past month I’ve cut back the amount I’ve been smoking marijuana. Instead of a habitual thing its turned down to almost nothing in a very short time. It’s really more of a test to see if I’m not addicted or anything and I seem to be fine without it. It’s also because I’ve been a bit under the weather with a drooling nose and phlegm lining my air pathways. I should probably stick more to pipes and bongs instead of rolling joints because the former would negate the use of tobacco (at least by my standards).

I felt like openly blogging about marijuana again because we got to stand for something. It works well with all the other things I’m into as well, marijuana being an illegal plant in many parts of the world and all, adding on top of the other ludicrous plant and seed laws that exist. I found myself looking at the Monsanto website and a clip they had on their front page. It was a video which tried to explain why it’s unfair for some farmers to save their seeds whilst the people that buy Monsanto seeds are playing by the rules by paying for their seeds every time…

It goes without saying that I quickly pressed the ‘x’ button.


I’m working on generating a bit of an income for myself. All these plant things I’m into are all very nice and all but I don’t have the capacity to live off of that kind of work since most of it is volunteer and venturing entrepreneurial which means for the moment I need to find other ways. On the other hand, I was thinking of being a bit harder on selling my skills as a potential dog walker, gardener, IKEA furniture builder, music teacher/tutor, street musician and whatever other side hustle I can come up with. I could also sell myself a bit harder by looking for an employment agency and cold calling interesting companies I’d like to work for (thanks for the tips Menno ;)).

I’m keeping my head above water for now, although I have to check that I can get study finance for my last trimester so I don’t have to worry about surviving and can study in my own time. I’ve also been reading personal finance books like “Money: Master the Game” and “The Barefoot Investor” to get an idea of which direction I need to be headed… and a basic income is required in both cases. It’s a good thing I have cheap hobbies like reading, watching pirated movies and video games.


Videogames are what I found myself consuming more after dropping my marijuana habit. I do get saturated more quickly than I used to, and I’m easier in declining a LAN session with my roommates. It’s good for making my brain switch gears however, although admittedly it’s a bit of a quick and dirty refresh button compared to a walk or skate outside. Or even a nice meditation session I just had.

I’ve also started playing Duolingo every morning to start learning Portuguese because of the abundance of Cape Verdians in my neighbourhood and because of a potential plan to have some sort of home base in the Azores if my dad has his way…

I also want to work on improving my fitness levels though I’m now only sporadically doing push-ups and dead-hang-chin-ups without any real structure or discipline. My chin-ups have gone back to a maximum of 12. But that shouldn’t be surprising without training. I did crank out 60pushups out of nowhere the other day though, which wasn’t bad by my standards. I’d like to learn how to do muscle-ups too, so I need to find a place I can do that, preferably a pull-up bar somewhere for public use.

I’ve become increasingly interested in picking up a sport or other discipline again and have pondered the idea of capoeira, jiu-jitsu, aikido, kettlebell or maybe basketball come to think of it. But I feel that without an income, I couldn’t fully enjoy any of these things. Longboarding I do purely out of necessity, although I do tend to take the long way home and explore my city when I’m out of ideas. Learning how to longboard has definitely impacted my life.

The next habit I’m developing has to do with generating an income, and the steps after that will follow. I’ll probably still be doing plenty of non-income generating things such as the Permablitz Meetup I’m holding this Saturday (which I’m actually excited for, and making preparations of) and finding a way to make flyers for Seedsavers NL which will have the blessings of the Seedsavers NL board (in particular one person since I’m the other person on the board).

Other than that, I’ll do what I need to do for the week and I’ll see you next week!

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One Response to Marijuana, Income and Habits

  1. joukep says:

    “home base in the Azores if my dad has his way”
    Definitely will check it out this (pre-)summer. If it is disappointing we need to have a look at mainland Portugal. There are so many places for sale and very cheap.
    Mom has to agree as well of course. So yes, keep practising your Portuguese 🙂

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