New Year’s Thoughts

Celebrating the new year with my cousin in Rotterdam was cool. We saw the fireworks at the bridge and chilled at a hostel which was one of the few places which didn’t require an entry fee or a ticket bought in advance. It was good 🙂

As the first day of the new year was about to be over I was thinking about what I wanted to be putting my energy into this year and it drove me to work on creating a permablitz network. I started filling out forms for a page but realized I needed a credit card to continue. I left it at that for now since I didn’t have a credit card and would have to find another way.

A couple days later I spoke to my roommate about what I was working on and he was like ‘oh, but I have a credit card’… in which I realized that its very useful to talk to people about your ideas sometimes 😉 I have now set up a Meetup site for permablitzing in Rotterdam (transforming people’s lawns into food production places). Guerrilla gardening is another term used for it.

Today I’ve gone to the ‘Ghandi Tuin’ which is a community garden with a lot of other things happening around it. We were working on repairing a prospective greenhouse dome today and I used my time to network and get to know the organization and the people. I played some ukulele and guitar, and my singing was appreciated. I pitched my permablitz idea as well so I need to get in touch with their Facebook group and email some people in order to see if I can find a host who is willing for some permablitzing in their backyard.

I’m glad I’m putting energy into making this happen for myself and its good to expand my network of gardeners in Rotterdam. They seemed happy enough to have me there.

As for work, I’m not sure where else to apply. So far I’ve got a rejection from a ‘student hospitality host’ job because they said I had too much responsibility in my previous positions and it would be risky for me to join their team as it might be damaging to morale. I took it as a compliment anyway.

The other jobs I’ve applied at were 2 DIY stores and a job at the Euromast working at the deli on the ground floor. It would be cool to get any of these jobs to ease the load on my current capital and survive until March when I’m eligible for a student loan again. Maybe I should look for more work which involves serving alcohol or coffee.

Other than that, I’m not really that into new year’s resolutions because either you have goals or you don’t. But I started learning Portuguese anyway via the Duolingo app. I’m enjoying it and will see if I can keep it up for at least 30 days. Today I also finished my 30 days of 50-70 pushups everyday. My record was 71 consecutive pushups which is pretty decent considering I started at 48. What I realized from this is more how little upper body exercise I’m otherwise getting. I really need to join a club or gym for me to continue working my upper body because just doing pushups everyday is getting boring. I’m looking into joining capoeira somewhere because that would seem fun. I was also thinking of picking up basketball again so that my training is at least focused around something.

Other than that I don’t have much more to add. I’ve been playing Age of Mythology on a LAN connection with my roommates. Good times 😛 I forget how addictive gaming can be when you’re on a roll… we had a bit of a session Saturday night until 1:30am. I’ve also joined a meetup group for board games. That’s also one of my things these days. Playing Monopoly the stock market edition the day before new year was fun as well. It’s nice because the dice keep rolling unlike with some games where people take ages to think to make a move (like settlers of Catan). Also, with the stock market edition, you can buy at least one stock every round which makes you feel like you’re not completely paralyzed when you’re not landing on the right squares.

There’s a lot of good things coming up this year and I’m excited to what this year will bring me and the kind of value I can offer to others. Keep it moving, keep it grooving and I’ll see you next week.

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