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Short Update

So I had my first permablitz meetup yesterday. In total 5 people showed up (6 including me) and I presented my plan for how I wanted to approach permaculture within the community. At the moment, I’m just looking for projects … Continue reading

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Marijuana, Income and Habits

Marijuana and other illegal plants In the past month I’ve cut back the amount I’ve been smoking marijuana. Instead of a habitual thing its turned down to almost nothing in a very short time. It’s really more of a test … Continue reading

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Sleepless nights so might as well blog

Another week has passed and I find myself with really strange nights of sleeplessness. I watch a lot of videos on the internet in these hours, which lately has been things from VICE and related videos. I had a while … Continue reading

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New Year’s Thoughts

Celebrating the new year with my cousin in Rotterdam was cool. We saw the fireworks at the bridge and chilled at a hostel which was one of the few places which didn’t require an entry fee or a ticket bought … Continue reading

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