Christmas Days

Heading into the new year, I’m thinking about the plans I can take into it with momentum from 2014. This involves moving forward with permaculture and seed saving, but also on a more personal level with respect to how I’m managing my time and other resources. Planning and execution are things I want to work on.

I’ve been setting up some systems which will help me do so better. For example, I’ve set up a line in my room where I can hang pieces of writing on which are separated according to project. There’s a lot of thoughts that I have going on and for me its best if I write about them. This acts in therapeutic ways for me as well and has meditative qualities since I’m able to release my thoughts after having written them down and know that I can always come back to those thoughts if I need some reference. Meditation is also something I practice through different media; playing music, working in the garden (although that’s a bit low key at the moment) and also combining things from martial arts, yoga and dance to play around with my environment.

I notice that I’m very action orientated because I want to see direct results. I want to immerse myself into whatever I’m doing and follow my gut instinct from there. I find ways to take myself out of my comfort zone and push myself to do new things which can be through music, entrepreneurial marketing (testing the waters with feasibility tests and asking relevant questions) and socially, by going to various parties (although that’s a field that needs to be expanded upon 😉 ). But I want to focus on getting my income streams sorted as well…

Due to some misunderstandings and confusions about my finances, I’m in a tricky situation at the moment and will have to look for a new source of income. I was thinking about working at a hardware store so that I get a feel for the products available and all the build tools that are on the market which sort of relates to what I want to do with permaculture (permablitzing). There’s a hardware store relatively close to my house which also has a garden section. This would be cool. I’ll be spending the coming week pretty much getting my finances sorted and pulling on the strings that I can pull on to make things happen. Hopefully I can start the new year with a bang 😉

There are good times to come anyway. I did a quick sketch of a bucket list to see where I’m at so hopefully we’ll start/continue working towards those objectives. I’m glad I’ve got a bit of a home base now in Holland although ideally I’d like to live in a mobile home and stay on places where I can work the land, rehabilitating soils and work with animals and people. Kind of a WWOOF idea I suppose which is also what I want to do after I graduate. I like the idea of slow travel where people stay in foreign places for more than just a few days. Offering services abroad (like becoming a dive instructor, teaching English and WWOOFing) would be a way to do that and sustain it. HelpX might be a channel for that too. We’ll see where this journey goes. For now, I hope everyone has some fantastic holidays and I’ll see you next year 😉


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