Updates and its still December

I’ve been meeting a lot of different people lately, through my work, walking into a Cape Verdean joint near my house, and going to a birthday party of someone I know via-via. I feel good about exploring the unknown and discovering new attitudes, personalities and philosophies on life. I must say I’m more of a listener than anything, as I believe in action more than words, although hearing other people’s stories can be interesting and give me new insights.

I’ve often been outside of my comfort zone because I really identify myself as an introvert at heart. You’ll find me meditating and/or doing kung fu stretches and moves at social gatherings because its how I center myself in times of social turbulence. Its how I know I can be me wherever I am.

My goal is still focused around permaculture. Eventually I want to become a designer, teacher and consultant much like Geoff Lawton is, but how to get there is another matter. As long as I’m anchored in the city I need to figure out ways to apply permaculture in urban spaces, and explore what options I have doing what I do here. Perhaps I need to find a way to make a good internship happen for me to venture out from.

For next year, I’d like to find funding for a permaculture internship in one of the desert projects so I can learn about permaculture in the most adverse conditions. I want to see it work. I also need to start thinking about whats next after my study. Ideally, I’d like to be able to afford a mobile home and put that on a plot of land where I can develop seed saving and permaculture potential… maybe that’s possible with people from DHiT and Seedsavers NL combined. That would be grand. I was also thinking about developing land back in Thailand as I’m curious about the potential there as well.

I need to give myself a project to work on or find ways to market my skills into something that can turn into a project. Projects I can give myself are mostly music related; I know what I can do… I just need to set my mind to it and do it. Projects that require a bit more market orientation would be permablitzing and is something I need to gather a network for. I would potentially need to be more structured with how I allocate my time to work on these things… perhaps mornings for permaculture, evenings for music, and everything in between for things that need to be done.

Sundays are usually my blog days anyway as it allows me to reflect on the past week and plan on the coming one. Its the medium which allows me to connect the dots between the elements.

Tomorrow will be my 4th (and last) trial day for my sales job. I’ve been consistent with sales, scoring 1 per workday, but they want to see me score 3 at a minimum on a day. We’ll see how this plays out.

Oh, and my pushups have reached a new cap of 67 which is a nice improvement from 48 half a month ago. I must say I don’t look forward to them but I’m happy once I’ve got them out of the way for the day. Besides, the first 40-50 are now noticeably easier than before and its really the last bits which require extra commitment. The motivation also increases near the end because you’re that much closer to breaking a personal record and it feels like if you’ve suffered this much, you might as well suffer a bit more to get over the fence.

That’s it for now. I hope everyone has some great holidays ahead of them and enjoys the company of those around. I’ll keep you updated… see you next week!

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2 Responses to Updates and its still December

  1. joukep says:

    Would be good to do or assist a large scale project.

  2. iemke postma says:

    Indeed! Maybe I’ll find a way to crowdfund something together… would be cool 🙂

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