December Updates

I started my door-to-door sales job recently and its been interesting seeing so many diverse people open up. Doing these sales in teams is also good for motivation because there’s always someone to fall back on if you need a confidence booster after so many rejections. This job would pretty much suck if you were going at it solo… but maybe that depends on what you’re selling as well.

I’m still thinking in terms of permaculture design and how I can amplify what I’m doing in that area. One of those ways would be through urban farm design and offering free consultancy for the sake of experience and building a portfolio. I’m still exploring how this is possible in my own house by experimenting with a few things such as mushroom growing and a DIY worm bin I got from a friend. Perhaps I could also do wonders with a cold frame on the balcony/rooftop.

Instead of using my own property (which has its limits to design potential), I could also offer free consultancy in the form of ‘permablitzing’- going over to a house with a bit of a lawn and turning that into a permaculture designed garden with the help from volunteers who are at the same time learning more about permaculture. I could also do this through the seed savers channel, as seed saving would inevitably be part of permaculture design thinking. The members at Seedsavers NL could benefit from this.

To do this, I really need to expand my network or exploit the Seedsavers NL network… or perhaps the network of other established organizations in my municipality. I need time to do this, which is why I’m glad the sales job I landed only requires a minimum of 1 day per week and my student loan is still active. I just need to make sure the bottom of my Maslow pyramid is fulfilled in order to be able to innovate with my ideas.

Other than that, I’m still staying musically inclined by sharpening my woodwind skills (I played saxophone at a low traffic park bench and got big smiles and 85cents!). Also jamming around with guitar and voice at home. I want to get my didgeridoo skills tight enough for a performance. I’ve got a bit of an idea about structure although I’m still working on the basics and getting those right. I still have problems with starting sound after a number of circular breathing loops because I lose mouth positioning. I’m also practicing different breath and sound techniques/structures in order to play with more freedom and dynamism. I have to build this discipline if I want to get better.

Speaking of discipline, I’ve reached 59 and a half push-ups today. Pretty decent considering I started at 48 about a week ago. Because of my push-up routine, I started doing more pull-ups at home… also because I retrieved a door mountable pull up bar from my parent’s storage. Its been good rehabilitating myself for more upper body strength because that’s a whole workout I’m missing when I’m skating. I’m also looking for another discipline I can join for the sake of another social circle and so that I can train towards a fitness goal. I was thinking something along the lines of capoeira or jiu-jitsu. Ideally I’d like something like salsa and/or yoga to compliment that but I first want to involve myself with some more value generating activities before I put more recreational ones on my plate. I still have my Shaolin Kung Fu book I want to complete, which I’ve never finished because of sustaining injuries near the last movements, although I feel like I have more maturity and understanding of myself now to know my limits and only push to bend my comfort zone, not break it.

There’s a lot going on and I’m grateful for what I have right now. I’m glad my laptop is working again and I still have a bit over 2 months warranty on it… so now is probably the time to download a lot of shit and push this machine as far as it can go 😛 in other news, I didn’t cancel my student public transport card in time (studenten OV), which means I have to pay a fine which amounts to 97 euros every 14 days starting September… which is pretty messed up considering I had no warnings about this until late November. I’m going to talk with some people to see what I can do about this and see how far I get fighting the system.

That’s pretty much what’s on my mind right now. Let me know whats on yours in the comments below and I’ll see you on the other side.

See you next week!

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4 Responses to December Updates

  1. Jami says:

    Hey a permaculturist in NL! So am I. 🙂

  2. iemke postma says:

    I’ve actually gone past it when no one was there. But I’ve only been back in the city since November so still taking my time with things. Are you there often?

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