Thought bubbles

My discipline is split. Focusing on one thing distracts me from another. But I suppose its also about finishing projects and rounding off the things you start. Or knowing when to say ‘enough is enough’.

I’ve recently started a 30 trial of pushups which focuses on doing 50-70 pushups everyday. I usually do them in one set before I change into my day clothes. I started this because I wanted to see if I still had the strength I had before, but on the first day, I couldn’t go over 48. I’ve now moved onto being able to do 55 and this is after day 3. Improvement comes steady 😉

I’ve been back into reading on personal development stuff and have recently ordered Tony Robbins’ Money: Master the Game which talks about personal finance and investing. It’s his first book in 20 years and I’ve gotten a lot of hype from it from different channels including Marie Forleo and various other YouTube channels I’m familiar with so definitely checking it out.

Through my sales job (which I yet have to start) I also had training in communication and persuasion. They gave us structure for opening and closing (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and also told us that body language and tone were more important than words… Which I thought was interesting and started paying attention to more. Sales is quite a useful life skill which is why I’m glad I’m able to practice it whilst getting paid.

Permaculture is slowing down on my end because I’ve got these big ideas with no idea of practical steps to follow through on. Where do I begin? I was thinking again of balcony gardens and installing those for a fixed price. That could be the start of something for me in that direction at least. Also growing mushrooms can be interesting. I just need a good source of carbon rich materiaI that I can grow the mushrooms on (in combination with the coffee waste). I also picked up a worm box kit from my friend today so I can start processing some kitchen scraps. Maybe I can make some nice kits for people as well… Would be good to get in touch with an industrial designer who knows a bit about this. Or a whole team of experts from different backgrounds. Or maybe keeping it simple stupid and using the same system my friend is using with these boxes from IKEA.

I think my energy can be productive practically applying myself in permaculture (in the broadest sense)… But I also want to keep making music. Maybe that’s also part of permaculture. I returned the Mac I bought last week today so I’ll give a shot at recording something on my Samsung laptop. 16 days until Christmas. Maybe I can patch something together with some good focus and if technology is in my favor. We shall see.

That’s it for now. See you next week 😉

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