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Christmas Days

Heading into the new year, I’m thinking about the plans I can take into it with momentum from 2014. This involves moving forward with permaculture and seed saving, but also on a more personal level with respect to how I’m … Continue reading

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Updates and its still December

I’ve been meeting a lot of different people lately,¬†through my work, walking into a Cape Verdean joint near my house, and going to a birthday party of someone I know via-via. I feel good about exploring the unknown and discovering … Continue reading

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December Updates

I started my door-to-door sales job recently and its been interesting seeing so many diverse people open up. Doing these sales in teams is also good for motivation because there’s always someone to fall back on if you need a … Continue reading

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Thought bubbles

My discipline is split. Focusing on one thing distracts me from another. But I suppose its also about finishing projects and rounding off the things you start. Or knowing when to say ‘enough is enough’. I’ve recently started a 30 … Continue reading

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Introduction to Permaculture as an Ethical Design Science

I figured the best way to ingrain myself with permaculture is to blog about it, and express in my own words what it means to me. Through ‘teaching’ it, I come to better understand it myself. Lets look at David … Continue reading

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