Dynamic Days

It’s been another dynamic week of living. It was my birthday this week as well so had a bit of a celebration. Hosted my first couchsurfers as well which was a blast; 3 ladies from Russia and one of them had a birthday the day before mine. Plenty to celebrate 😛 a funny coincidence was when I talked to someone in the train on Saturday and it turned out to be their birthday that day as well.

I’ve been meeting a lot of interesting people lately in diverse situations. Starting conversations with people on the train or talking to the guy I just bought a vietnamese springroll from. Or asking the person with the ‘We need a place to stay’ sign why they’re in that situation.

I was thinking about my own behavior in this as well, and I was thinking about that video where that woman walks 10 hours on the streets of New York and gets verbally harrassed with guys trying to be ‘nice’. In response to that, I was thinking that it’s also possible to communicate with each other in more meaningful ways by actually being interested in other people’s stories. If the video shows us how we shouldn’t be communicating with each other, I want to explore more how we should.

I was hesitant of publishing this yesterday because I felt I needed to understand more about communication between the sexes in order to be able to say something intelligent about it. I personally don’t always feel like having a conversation, but I also sometimes just freeze up when I randomly see an attractive lady. A lot of the time, its because I’m too self absorbed into what I’m doing to let go and say ‘hi’ just to create a connection and risk making a fool out of myself.

I also got struck by a quote which is on my street which says ‘the environment of the human being is the fellow human being’ (roughly translated). We live in a human world. And although I’d like to one day have a subsistence farm which through harmonic patterns with nature is able to generate a surplus without much input, there’s still an element of community which I would require to keep myself sane.

There’s a lot of unfinished thoughts and stories here, but that’s because I want to create some concrete results and actions which reflect my writing.

I’m going to focus on what I can do in the community in terms of food production, and also see if I can get a job relating to (sustainable) food production or distribution to get a foot in the industry. I’m already starting to grow mushrooms so lets see if we can amp it up.

My thoughts are really everywhere. Which runs parallel with my endeavours. Its also partly because I want to diversify risk and not throw myself into something fully. I really want to read more books about how to sustain my ideal way of life as well, so I’m glad I have the extra time now to do so.

I hope I can make some good moves this week. Until next time!

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