Back in the Netherlands

It was weird being back at first. Having been in the countryside for so long, I had to get used to the surplus of people and the infrastructure. Even though I spent my last days in Galway, that still felt like a small town in comparison to Eindhoven where I landed.

As I got on the bus and the train, and walked the rest of the way to my grandparents, I was thinking about the history of the places I crossed (especially since the 2nd World War) and what is to become of civilization. I put my focus back on remaining present and was welcomed in by my grandma like it was just another day. My grandpa came down to say hi and we talked a bit about how I’ve come to look at things with different eyes. I felt like a changed man inside.

I was reminded of death as well numerous times: by my grandpa who was pointing out an article in the newspaper about a famous designer who looked quite healthy in one of his last pictures before he died, and by the murder of crows that were collecting on the branches of the trees overlooking the street, there being a gathering larger than my grandparents experienced before. It was a bit ominous at first, but I eased myself into it all staying as present as I could.

It’s in the moment that I strive to live, and perhaps make some good memories on the way. Writing helps me reflect on my experiences so I can let them go.

I’m feeling quite content at the moment. Moving into my own space was a good choice I feel. There’s a lot of things that need to get organized, but its good being busy with it as well I suppose. Just trying to juggle all the things I’m into at the moment, although also working on letting some things go so I can start new chapters.

We’ll see anyway. Words are wind πŸ˜‰ actions speak for themselves.

It’s been a bit hectic in the past few weeks because of the move, but its funny how everything fits so well together in the end. It sometimes seems like the puzzle pieces are just falling into place. I still have to understand what exactly it is I’m looking at, but I see familiar patterns and a certain hollism to the elements.

It is now Friday 7 November 2014. The time is 17:28 as I write this and I’m turning 23 in 13 days. I feel good. I like where I am this point in my life and feel happy to have experienced what I have. The good times as well as the bad, although the good ones far outweigh the bad ones. Probably some psychological mechanism that keeps us alive πŸ˜‰

My wishes for the future are a career in Permaculture design and perhaps some music on the side πŸ™‚ I wouldn’t mind working in (eco)tourism as well if such an opportunity arises. I have plenty of ideas and have made some connections that I would like to further explore, but all in good time πŸ˜‰

Planning to check out a shop in the neighborhood which does interesting plant things. I’m curious. I’ve been looking for air filter plants that will survive in my room so maybe they can also help with that.

Dissipating the stuff in the house feels good. Trying to keep everything as minimal as possible so will have to see what I’m going to do with excess capacity.

Actually, I was thinking about building a home on wheels during my next living transition. I want to be able to live and travel, combining elements of minimalism and multifunctionality. I’m still young so now is my chance to travel but I also want the comfort of having a home, a place I can fall back on when sleeping in a tent just won’t cut it… Or maybe I should invest in some better winter camping gear and give that a shot. Or maybe experience what its like to live in the colder climates of the world like Scandinavia, Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Siberia…

I can dream on, but let’s see where this journey takes me πŸ˜› feet on the ground. Let’s go!

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