5th Week in Ireland and Last at the Farm

My last workweek has been strange. Since I was bugged with stomach cramps, I only worked a bit in the morning on Tuesday before I called it quits and went back to bed to try and still the disagreements in my belly. I was very fatigued as well. Sleeping did me good though and I’m glad that I took the workday off.

The next day I felt much better and ready to do some more physical work since I was basically lying in bed for the past 18 hours or so. Still had to be careful with my stomach though so I ate consciously (which is sometimes hard during the Wednesday potluck).

Thursday was an easygoing day with some weeding and seed collecting as I prepared myself for the next day… Pizza day!


Matteo proposed a pizza day before I left to have a bit of a party. I did a bit of preparation for it, like making the pizza sauce and pre-heating the cob oven. Matteo made the dough and helped me out here and there to make sure things were going smooth. It was a good day. As the workday ended people started showing up with some more ingredients and we started making pizzas and drinking and eating and talking in a rotational sort of way in order to make sure there was always something in the oven. It was good fun and we had a bit a of a jam session with the late stayers inside the main building.

I got a thank you card from Seedsavers as well as a lot of other freebies from people to take home. It’s been good being here and there’s a chance I might actually miss the place and its people…

So since I’m concluding my stay at the farm, the staff asked me if I wanted to write something conclusive about my stay here which might encourage other volunteers to come. Feel free to quote me 😉

Having come to Ireland for the first time in my life, I felt well received by Seedsavers as soon as I got here, being eased into a cup of coffee and some toast with butter on the first morning. There wasn’t a huge amount of instruction, but usually a simple, ‘this is what we’re doing, so you can join if you want’. I’m glad I was able to help with the extra manpower that was needed at the farm. They can always use people to do more work as a lot of the processes are quite labor intensive (harvesting seeds, weeding) although pleasant enough since there was plenty of variety and freedom in what we did.

Staying at the cob house has been good too. Living off the grid is quite nice if you’re used to being in a city all the time and its given me the space to think, reflect and read. I’m glad we have a washing machine at the shop though so that I don’t have to do any handwashing 😛 building my own fires, staring out into the clear night sky on the rooftop, and making music were some of the things that I enjoyed from my stay there.

Even though I’ve been alone a lot of the time, I’ve never felt lonely. The people at Seedsavers have made me feel welcome by giving me free food, inviting me into their houses and accompanying me on the occassional trip. Its been a ride, and I’ll remember it all for some time to come.


Thanks guys 🙂

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