4th Week in Ireland

Went to Holy Island again on Sunday but this time took the boat. Me and Felice got a free ride from the boat people because there was a Sunday mass happening on the island. I actually joined the mass for a bit in the beginning but then left because I felt alienated and very out of place. Me and Felice went to have lunch in the fields anyway and explored the monastery ruins a bit and enjoyed the nature. Here’s a shot:


It was a well spent Sunday.

In the work week I did a lot of the standard work of weeding, seeding but also doing some covering and uncovering of plastic mulch, sowing rye as a cover crop. This is me after a pumpkin harvest:


On Friday I visited the town again, skating through the rain to get there. I’ve become known as the ‘champion skater’ around town getting recognized at the co-op where I was making myself comfortable with a cup of hot chocolate and cake. Its a nice place there, with good food, good vibes and people open to conversation. They also have a second hand book shop there with books for a euro where I spent a decent amount of time reading.

That night I also went to a talk on ‘Farming in the 21st century’ it being part of a conference called ‘Dear Earth’. There was some music in the beginning and a talk held by a German farmer in Canada who had a couple of interesting things to say about our spiritual connection to the earth and being action oriented which was very in line with my own mindset about things.

The next day I spent my time building with cob, helping Pat out with one of his home projects which was making a pump house out of cob.

Making the cob mix is a long and laborous process although the actual building with it is more fun. Cob is basically a mixture of clay, sand, straw and water and is a great natural build material because of many reasons.

I personally think we took too many breaks and I ate too much which probably resulted in my stomach cramps the next day… But we had a good time nonetheless.

First it was just me and Pat working, then more people randomly showed up to help and we were there with 8 people in total.

One of the people there played saxophone and studied music at university and I accommodated him at the cob house on the farm when the day’s work was done. We had a good little jam session and it was nice playing saxophone for a bit as well.

The next day I was invited for an extensive lunch at one of the Seedsavers employee’s house where we had a sort of Chili Con Carne with rice and salad, and a nice banana cake to fill the gap after.

I got brought back to the farm after this as I was planning to meet Felice to go out to a church in Mount Shannon where there was supposed to be a ‘Harvest Festival’. I played a bit of guitar during the mass which people seemed to enjoy, getting positive feedback at the end.

For the rest, I’m recovering from my stomach cramps. After the church thing I got into bed straight away and slept for 14 hours (give or take middle of the night wakings). I swallowed some puke as well which was coming out of my nostrils and tried to drink water to calm my stomach. I’m pretty much fasting today to see if I can detox my body through doing so. It’s one more week at the farm for me so hope to wrap it up nicely. I’ll then be off to travel the West coast of Ireland a bit before catching my plane to Eindhoven on the 21st of October. We’ll see where life takes me after that… See you around 😉

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2 Responses to 4th Week in Ireland

  1. joukep says:

    The last time I had cramps it lasted a couple of days and just wouldn’t disappear. I used cola with salt and within hours the cramps were gone. Cramps are often a result of salt imbalance so maybe this works for you as well.
    The pumpkins look awesome!

  2. iemke postma says:

    Yeah, spent the whole day in bed yesterday (pretty much) and drank a lot of tea with lemon balm and mint. I think the worst has passed, although I’m still being careful with food. Might buy a can of coke this evening to see if it’ll help. Cheers 🙂

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