3rd Week in Ireland

What a ride its been so far. Even though I’m hanging around the farm a lot, I tend to skate or get rides to nearby places to explore.

On Monday it was Matteo’s birthday where I helped him plough a bit with the tractor. I was just making checks, not actually driving it. It was an unexpected workday as I was planning to skate but then I got spotted and he asked me to help him out. Fair enough. He’s the one working on his birthday anyway 🙂

I got my reward afterwards as he invited me to the beach near the coast past Ennis. We stopped in Ennis for a bit as well where I bought a tin whistle and a SIM card. Funny little intstrument the tin whistle: its cheap, its mobile, and you can play a decent tune with it. I was playing a lot of non-Irish music on it from memory but also starting to learn more Irish things from a book. Its good fun. I think its the instrument I’ve been looking for for a long time.

The beach was nice as well. Swam a bit and went for a walk. Looks something like this:


I was playing my tin whistle in the fields as well whilst exploring stone ruins. A passerby later on said that they enjoyed it, as the sound is easily carried away.

We had dinner at a restaurant after this, having scallops (which tastes a lot like crab) accompanied by a spicy double IPA (Indian Pale Ale) which was a nice birthday dinner. I got brought home to the farm after this.

Tuesdays to Thursdays are my core workdays where I spent a lot of time doing garden work such as shoveling horse manure on Tuesday, repotting plants on Wednesday, seed collecting on Thursday and a crap load of weeding in between everything. That just about sums it up, although there are special things like the Wednesday potluck lunch which I enjoy as everyone brings something from home they’ve cooked. I made gluten and dairy free banana pancakes last time. Matteo and Tomomi’s kids seemed to enjoy it anyway 🙂

Spending time in the cob house is also nice giving me time to reflect on things and be by myself. I was on the roof again the other day and glimpsed the owl again. Its quite a majestic animal.

I like building fires in the stove as well. Still practicing but getting more confident. I’ve never had to use more than one fire starter block anyway.

Playing a lot of music as well, with the tin whistle like I mentioned, but also guitar and singing. Reading a lot of books and journalling to keep track but also writing random thoughts, notes and almost interviewing people when I’m having a conversation as I simultaneously write down their ideas.

Getting out of the house is good for that. I made a trip to the Holy Island the other day and swam across.


Its maybe like 400m to get across. I was pretty light headed and felt my heart thumping at the end of it anyway as swimming is not an exercise I often do.

I was walking around on the island with my swimming trunks since I had no water tight bag I could swim with, and saw the monastery ruins there. It really felt like a pilgrimage having gone there in not the easiest way, and there were only a few other people there.

Swimming back was still a challenge but I suppose easier since I’d already done it. I was warming up on the pier when Felice came to pick me up, who I met coincidentally on the road earlier offering me a ride into her town for some tea and meeting her sons.

It was nice to visit her house. I was glad to be able to warm up with some tea and a nice bath. We also had a good dinner which was very japanese in terms of ingredients and taste.

Now I’m going to Mount Shannon again for some kind of music festival and other happening. There’s a lot to explore still though I like taking my time. Skating is definitely my preferred way to get around since I don’t like the uncertainty of hitch hiking. Here’s some pictures from my skate journeys anyway:



Hope to update some more next week and see you around 😉

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4 Responses to 3rd Week in Ireland

  1. joukep says:

    Almost October so the temperature is already coming down. I am interested in the Cob building how it holds in cold(er) weather.
    Scenery looks amazing. Must be very clean air! Cheers.

  2. pppostma says:

    Hi Iemke,
    Finally I can read your blog again. That’s seem everything are great here.Got a new friends ,got a new experience. I do enjoin to read it. It took away part of my worried.
    Take care NaKrab.

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