2nd week in Ireland

Getting more comfortable in my situation thus able to explore more edges of this comfort zone. I’ve taken quite a few pictures as of my family’s request. Been exploring a few places 😉


This here’s from a seedsaving workshop I joined, with Jo (in green) leading it. It was a lot of information and I stopped taking notes near the end. I’d rather learn everything gradually through doing and being in the garden asking questions that arise. I feel lucky to be able to do this. Other people pay quite a bit to follow these workshops otherwise.


This is in Inis’ Glasshouse and Garden at the back of the property. There’s a bunch of volunteers in this pictures since the organization sent out an email to rally volunteers to help with digging up the potatoes. On the right is Flora who’s been working at Seedsavers for 3-4 years, originally coming from France. Her partner (Kevin) is also working on the farm, but focussed more on the orchards than the gardens.


This is one of the free meals I got: lentil soup, potatoes, salad and home-made bread with butter. Most of the free food I get is soup or cake that’s at least a week old but this was from the volunteer workday so was kind of extra special. I mostly take care of food myself by harvesting ‘weeds’ or buying things in town with my allowance.





This is a bit of an overview of what the cob house looks from the inside, a cabin built with ‘cob’ a natural building mix. Its quite cozy and rustic looking. My stove is working fine and I spend my time here cooking, eating, reading, writing, making music and staring into the fire. I usually get pretty early nights here and wake up with light outside.


This is the cob house from the outside. There’s a bit of a strawberry and kale field outside the cabin (left of the picture) and the roof has weeds and wild plants growing on it. You could have a picnic up there if you wanted to. I once went up there just to space out in the darkness. What I thought was a bat I spotted was actually a white owl who came out to greet me and swooped over my head when I shined my head torch at it. That was a magical moment. A really beautiful creature.



These are the lands surrounding the cob house, relatively newly developed. Apple trees developing here and a polytunnel with various things inside there. Lots of wild blackberries everywhere as well ofcourse 😉 Nearby is the compost toilet…


Its built raised on a platform and is where I spend a bit of most mornings. Its got a nice view:


Mostly just wild plants and fields.


This is downstairs at the shop/café. I’m sitting outside and spotted a fox who’s come explore.


I spend some time off the farm as well, this being at Rowan’s house (one of the office staff) where he lives with 2 roommates. It used to be a house belonging to a wealthy sollicitor but no more. It’s quite a big house with a nice view which comes majestically into view from the road coming in. This is the courtyard where we were kicking a ball around.



Matteo (pictured with the violin) is the garden manager at seedsavers and invited me to his house for dinner and a traditional Irish ‘jam session’ at a pub in Feakle, a nearby village. His wife is japanese and made sushi and a salad for us, topped by a japanese desert and tea and chocolate. I was really stuffed after this, but it was really good. We then went to the bar and I experienced some Irish traditional folk music. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I also tried playing the spoons, which is basically a way to use 2 spoons as a percussion instrument sounding much like spanish castanets. It was quite a busy night for musicians and it was good to experience this, accompanied by a pint of Guinness ofcourse.



Enjoying a full Irish breakfast at a local café in Scariff. I’m writing this blog here as they have free WiFi and a place to charge my phone… And some decent food as well 🙂

It’s been good living here so far. Skating mostly to get around but also getting rides from people. I want to work on my music making. There’s only so much I can do in a day because my head starts spinning otherwise, but it would be good to have a computer to aid my compositions. I got a laptop to use from one of the staff, but it has a Linux OS… Which is really a pain in the rear to use if you’re not that technical with computers. Maybe one of the staff can help me out as I’m having trouble figuring out how to install some Audacity software I need to start putting things together. It makes you realize all the things you take for granted on commercial operating systems.

Other than that, learning passively from the garden work and the organization here. Hoping to keep this journey going with music, skating and what I consider permaculture. Hope to experience more and share it, and I’ll see you next week. Ciao!

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2 Responses to 2nd week in Ireland

  1. joukep says:

    Good to hear everything goes well. How many weeks do you intend to stay?

    • iemke postma says:

      Until around October 15. I’ll use my last week to travel a bit more around Galway and the Arran Islands. Planning to couchsurf in Galway but no response yet. Maybe I’ll make another attempt to contact hosts…

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