PDC, Beer tasting and Food Mash

It’s been a good week. I decided not to skate back to Amsterdam because I wanted to use the time and energy instead to work on my permaculture design project on the ACTA Tuin… Which I’ve handed in now. It’s actually really good doing a thorough analysis, as I’ve done with this PDC, and realizing what’s a priority with the land. From a permaculture perspective, residence is a key aspect, which I’ve named the number 1 priority for the ACTA plot. Preferably something built with straw that’s cheap.

I learned to work more with Google Earth and Sketchup as well, really learning things as I’m applying them. It’s a lot of fun messing around with the tools. Now that I have more of a designer’s eye as well, I start to see things a lot clearer.

Going to ireland will definitely be part of my permaculture journey as well and learning more about seedsaving could open me up more to the practical side of things. I would really like to get the ball rolling on that anyway. Now that my PDC is done, I can focus my energy on preparing for this trip next.

I’m letting other things seep into my life as well however. Like going to a beer tasting event. That was fun 🙂 mostly all homebrewers experimenting with their concoctions. Some of it was good! Others were pretty bad 😛



My favorite beer was from ‘Oersoep’, which had a small business based in Nijmegen. They were also one of the more professional people there so they knew their stuff more than others I suppose.

I also went to a Food Mash event this weekend, which brought together many people involved with growing food. I realized that a lot of these food growing projects relied on subsidies to keep them afloat, and none of them really were self sustainable. It seems like self sustainability is very rare, and it might be necessary to delve deeper into the countryside to see people actually achieving this. On the otherhand, paying people to take charge of unused and unmanaged landscape can also be seen as a public service and a budget should be reserved for these kind of things.

Nevertheless, I talked with a lot of these people and its interesting to see the paths they’re on. Some of us stayed for dinner as we were roasting a lamb as the event was taking place.



It’s good to be surrounded by people with similiar mindsets yet different approaches of dealing with what they’re given. Hopefully I’ll see more of them and we’ll help each other with our journeys to becoming a more resilient people.

That’s all for now! Hope to see you next week 😉

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