Skating, Afghan party and PDC deadline

Pretty much skating here and there everyday. I’ve been trying to track my progress on Endomondo (a fitness app) but in the beginning didn’t realize you had to leave it running to make it work and I keep forgetting to turn it on during my trips. It’s sucking a decent amount of battery off my phone as well so not sure if I will attempt to make it a habit… The point was to see my skating progress in comparisson to others out there. Rick Pronk (the current Dutch ultraskate champion) skates a shitload… Everyday. It’s fun to follow him. You can see how he skates to work, comes back home the long way, takes a break, then decides to skate another 2-3 hours… And this he does almost everyday. It’s inspiring to watch him love distance skating so much. He’s got a real heart for the sport.

I’m more of a practical skater however. I like the trips, but if I was skating just for fun, I’d probably try to score a dancer somewhere, or something with a bit more of a nose and a tail… Like my Tan Tien actually. Although that’s lying in Thailand and it was probably time for a new board anyway. I had that board since I was 19 but it still does a decent job at what it’s meant for, even though its got rough customizations made to it because it was falling apart. Not sure when I’ll buy my next board. Maybe I won’t buy it. Maybe I’ll win it skating šŸ˜‰

I was actually planning to skate to Rotterdam to my friend’s party as well. He insisted to buy my ticket so that I came earlier, so I figured I’d only skate the way back to Amsterdam. Will let you know how that goes šŸ™‚

My friend’s party in Rotterdam needed a lot of setup which is why he needed my help. It’s basically me and a bunch of Afghans working together to set up party tents and furniture for the event.


It’s funny how the planning goes around here. There’s a lot of back and forth discussion in Farsi combined with chaos and people deciding on things themselves and only half listening to each other. It’s always a party with the Afghans šŸ˜› in the end, we more or less worked it all out with only minimal intervention from the cops and city watch, and some of us spent the night in one of the party tents to guard over what was there.

In the morning I decided to go by uni to see if I could get a cowboy shower in one of the toilets and do my routine bathroom things. The whole campus was closed but luckily the sports building was open, and I was even able to order some breakfast here and have a chat with the staff… And charge my phone and write this blog on the free WiFi. It all falls into place šŸ™‚

Speaking of things falling into place, my permaculture design course deadline is coming up soon as well on the 16th of August. I’ve decided to be a bit more computer intensive with the design because of the accuracy and ease to edit structures. My permaculture community also wants to plan for next season and needs a map for that, which is why a digital one works nicely there as well. I think I’ll have enough time back in Amsterdam to get things sorted before the deadline on Saturday. Even though there’s no grade, I still feel a lot of pressure to do it right… But I shouldn’t let my criticism overtake my ability to create. I’m having issues with things having to ‘look right’. Maybe not perfectly up to scale, but things should sort of be in the right place in my design, and I’m a bit pedantic about that. On the otherhand, once I’ve got it down, it’ll be sweet.

It’s only a week now. Hopefully I’ll round it off nicely and be on my next mission: preparing for Ireland. Looking forward to that and will hopefully have
new stories to tell from it. That’s all for now so see you next week!

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