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Visiting friends, Preparing for Ireland and Winter is Coming…

The days roll by. Ireland is coming closer. I’ve sort of prepared my journey there although I still need to figure out my path to the farm by stippling out the distances. I have at least a rough idea and … Continue reading

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Lately I’ve been preparing for my trip to Ireland. This includes purchasing the necessary gear and training with full gear on. Enjoying life as it is now 🙂 Decathlon is probably one of my favorite stores to shop at although … Continue reading

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PDC, Beer tasting and Food Mash

It’s been a good week. I decided not to skate back to Amsterdam because I wanted to use the time and energy instead to work on my permaculture design project on the ACTA Tuin… Which I’ve handed in now. It’s … Continue reading

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Skating, Afghan party and PDC deadline

Pretty much skating here and there everyday. I’ve been trying to track my progress on Endomondo (a fitness app) but in the beginning didn’t realize you had to leave it running to make it work and I keep forgetting to … Continue reading

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Living Situation and the Skating Permaculturist

It’s been pretty easy living lately. I’m currently switching between rooms available to me, now living back at my Arubian skater friend’s house since he’ll be gone until late August. It’ll give me time to focus on finishing my online … Continue reading

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